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Long Weekend: #TasteLife + @Contiki Contests for You!

I can’t wait to be up at the cottage tomorrow. Last night I slept for about 10 hours and when I woke up it was like I had been in a coma and was still tired. This week has really tuckered me out! I’ve got a friends birthday after work then we are heading out tomorrow. My long weekend plans include sitting, sleeping, cruising the lake in the kayak, and more sitting. I’ve been working with Yellowtail Wines this summer to promote their Taste Life contest. This week’s prize is an iPhone5 and a picnic basket set and all you have to do it tag your Instagram posts w/ #TASTELIFE to enter. So, do something fun, soak up some sun, and tag your photos! For contest R&R or to see all the available prizes go here. My friends at Contiki are running a contest w/ Nuvango for the next 24…

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Travel | Thailand w/ The ContikiThai Crew!

Check out this great vid by my Vancouver buds the Sunday Fundayz. These dudes were so much fun to hang out with in Thailand. They’re the ones doing backflips and splits in my photos. We crammed heaps of adventure into our 10 days. Now that’s so dang freezing here I’m really wishing I was back in the hot, hot sun. If you love travel, subscribe to the Sunday Fundayz on YouTube, they’re constantly on adventure! They also have a clothing line of which I just ordered a pile of stuff. Thailand via Instagram: 46 Photos in 15 Seconds Made this little video using Statigram, an app that allows you to create a video from your Instagram vids. Super great for summarizing trips, special moments, or looking back at the year past. It’s free but for $1.99 you can add your own watermark as I did below. Stay warm out there,…

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I’ve mentioned it here and there around the web but this is my formal post, CONTIKI IS SENDING ME TO THAILAND! I leave on Saturday for 2 weeks away with about a dozen of Canada’s top YouTubers. I’ve never been to Asia and had to get a bunch of shots last week to get me prepped. We have an AMAZING itinerary planned by the great team at Contiki. I am honestly SO EXCITED. I’ve heard it’s a great time of year to go there and considering we might get snow today, I’m ready for some sunshine. I’ve been tracking the weather in Thailand and it’s been over 25 degrees every single day for the last week. I’ve been pinning photos and articles on a new Thailand – Nov. 2013 board. It’s so beautiful there!   I’ve known about Contiki as a great travel company from heaps of my cousins and…

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World Elephant Day – Throwback to Visiting Maesa Elephant Camp

In honour of World Elephant Day, here’s a throwback visiting an elephant sanctuary in Chaing Mai,  Thailand.  ปางช้างแม่สา aka Maesa Elephant Camp is like a retirement camp for elephants that aren’t able to go back into the wild after they’ve worked. There are over 75 elephants and they do activities like soccer, basketball, and painting. I was so impressed with their painting skills!

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#TBT Thailand: Panoramic Views of Somewhere Warmer Than Here

Came across these photos on my phone and forgot I even took them. I love how panoramic photos capture a time and place. Fond memories. These were all taken on my trip to Thailand just over a year ago with Contiki Canada. They took 17 of Canada’s top content creators on the trip of a lifetime. We had so much fun. these photos were taken in Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Koh Tao, and Koh Samui. Go back in time and relive my trip in posts tagged Thailand. I would absolutely love to be somewhere warm right now but have too much going on to drop it all and get away. So, instead I’ve cranked the heat and dehumidifier and am sharing  travel photos. Enjoy! With love, CASIE

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Tech | Buffer Festival Industry Day 2014

About a week ago I attended the first ever Buffer Festival Industry Day. Here’s a quick little snip of some of  my fav moments! It was great listening to top YouTubers talk about their experiences in brand building and projects. I was right up front to admire Harley from Epic Meal Time’s beard. He was my fav on the panel and it was neat to hear how the Epic Meal Time brand has evolved. A couple years ago I was at a Biz Media party and the team from Epic Meal time was there (blog post here w/ photos). They made a bacon volcano and bacon roses to go along with a suite of other epic meat creations. There was a meat photobooth too. I arrived just in time to catch my friend Brad Ford from Contiki chatting about brands, fans, and influence.  This is one of my fav topics and it was cool to…

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Next Level Selfie Action | HTC One M8 from Telus

One thing I love about my blog job almost more than the clothes, makeup, jewellery, and trips around the world is GETTING NEW GADGETS! My friends at Telus emailed me on Tuesday to offer me the brand new HTC One M8. I was ecstatic! The device comes out from Telus on April 10th so I’m super stoked to have one before then. I used to have the old HTC One before I spilled water on it. RIP old buddy. I’ve done lots of work with HTC over the last few years and been featured in two HTC campaigns with SayMedia. Last year they had a big one to be the next HTC Influencer and the winner won consulting from me. The winner was Vanessa Grillone and we had a blast working together. Remember this?  OK SO THE IMPORTANT THING HERE IS… THE HTC One M8 HAS A DUAL CAMERA! A WHAT? A CAMERA…

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No Regrets by Gunnarolla on YouTube

I met Andrew aka Gunnarolla via Twitter when we found out we’d both been chosen to go on the trip to Thailand with Contiki. He is simply amazing and super talented. One of my fav people from the trip for sure. This is us with Sam and Leah on the last night in Thailand making up a song on the spot. It was simply hilarious. The video below is Andrew’s latest tune. I watched it with joy knowing I was there for a few of the shots. They all move really fast so you might not see me but me and the Internet know I was there! No Regrets by Gunnarolla on YouTube In other news, Andrew introduced me to a new platform called Subbable where you can support your fav YouTubers. Remember, these peeps are making things to entertain you with their own money, gadgets, and talents (like us…

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These Vids Will Warm Up Your Monday!

Oh helloooooo! Really had to pull myself out of bed this morning even though I had heaps of sleep on the weekend. All this cold and snow makes for perfect sitting on the couch reading, working, in jammies weather. Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Mum is in NZ with the family, HI GUYS! In other news… Check out these awesome vids made by Seattle’s Travels and Gunnarolla on our Thailand trip. Oh man, today with this cold ass winter I really miss the hot hot sun! Contiki Thailand (iPhone 5s slo-mo) If you do nothing else today, watch this short love letter vid from @seattlestravels of her #contikithai adventure http://t.co/SXoXbSBG49 — Contiki Holidays (@ContikiCAN) December 15, 2013   Christmas Safari! ♫ (ft. Nanalew & Hey Nadine) Post by High On Life Sundayfundayz. Stay warm out there! <3 CASIE  

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Travel | Good Time Adventures in Koh Tao, Thailand

We went on an afternoon snorkelling cruise with Good Time Adventures around Koh Tao, Thailand. It was absolutely amazing! Our crew was so much fun and we drank, swam, jumped off the boat, and visited beaches. The shot of Jenni above was assisted by our Tour Leader, Luke, way to go! These photos were taken with my Canon Rebel SL1. To see the group I was travelling search #ContikiThai on Twitter or Instagram and visit this Twitter list. Thank you to Contiki, Tourism Thailand, and Good Time Adventures for this experience. It was absolutely amazing. I’ve got a few more pic from this cruise on my Instagram here too. Hope this warms up your Monday! <3 CASIE

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I’m Back from Thailand, The Trip of a Lifetime

It’s 5:14Am right now and I arrived in TO last night at 6pm. My BF and the EmBot picked me up from the airport with flowers and I ordered us Swiss Chalet from on the way home from YYZ. Festive Specials of course, quarter chicken white with fries. My last two weeks in Thailand have been the trip of a lifetime. Made friends I’ll have forever, memories to keep me warm for years, and experiences I only ever dreamed would happen. I’ll be sharing stories from my adventures over the next few weeks. You can check up on all the peeps I was in tour with via this list. Feel free to creep my Instagram for photos that will  warm you up all winter. I’m going to try and keep the same excitement in photos that I’ve had on the road. There is so much beauty in life to capture.…

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If You Take The Ferry to Ko Tao, Sit on the Upper Deck

 Yesterday we took the ferry to Ko Tao from Ko Samui. So many people were throwing up and feeling sick. It was pretty disgusting. I went to the top level and had a great time with the sun on my face and wind in my hair. You have to pass through hell to get to heaven apparently. It was raining when we got to the pier. I loved the ferry ride and did not feel sick at all.  Having a GoPro is really awesome. You can expect more vids from my going forward. Arrived at the island around 4:30pm to be greeted by more rain.   We are staying at Charm Churee Vila, a boutique resort & spa. It’s beautiful! Had a fairly early night after dinner and couple cocktails last night. This is Jenni & Luke from Contiki. The entire team travelling with us are so awesome. If you are…

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I made cameos in some serious YouTuber’s vids guys.

Selects from our Thailand trip, Day 2! We went to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, and then got on a plane to Chiang Mai where we saw a ladyboy cabaret. Then, as tradition would have it, we got soaked. Follow #ContikiThai for more updates.

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Maesa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Yesterday we visited ปางช้างแม่สา aka Maesa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai. There are over 75 elephants there and they have a pretty good life! They are retired logging elephants and aren’t able to go back into the wild once they’ve worked. They are treated very well and do activities like soccer, basketball, and painting. Lauren and I rode Bajan, a 61 year old elephant. He was massive, bigger than the other ones! It was so much fun. We rode through the mountain jungle for about an hour. The camp is about 45 minutes from downtown Chaing Mai. Absolutely amazing experience. Today we are flying to Koh Samui. With love, CASIE  

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About Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling around the world.


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