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Events | Give the Gift of Sight w/ ClearlyContacts on Oct. 9th

Last night I got an email from my friends at Clearly Contacts about World Sight Day tomorrow. I’ve worked with Clearly Contacts to share new products and contests for a while (see posts here) and I’m happy to share their latest charity initiative. In exchange for this post, Clearly Contacts is donating a pair of prescription glasses to someone via Change the View on my behalf. The global  #WHOBLINKEDFIRST campaign that kicks off tomorrow. Over the last few years documenting my life, I’ve really taken time to smell the flowers, literally and figuratively. I take heaps of photos each day and really value my eyesight and ability to see beauty in the little things. I can only imagine how my life would change if I lost my eyesight. For every video shared with #WHOBLINKEDFIRST, ClearlyContacts.ca will donate a pair of prescription eyeglasses, Vitamin A tablets, or UV protective sunglasses to someone in need through Change the View. Challenge your bff…

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One for One: Evergreen Eyewear by ClearlyContacts

My friends at Clearly Contacts recently contacted me to LMK about their new Evergreen Collection where made from 95 per cent recycled steel and plastic frames. The new line takes a page from TOMS in that when you buy a frame, they plant a tree. Over 30,000 planted trees can be attributed to the company’s philanthropic effort. That’s heaps! For every Evergreen frame sold, a seed is sent to a tree nursery in a developing country, where Agroforestry workshops provide local farmers with the necessary education to help cultivate their own land. The frames are eco-friendly and vintage inspired with lots of bright colours. I got to pick a pair from the collection in exchange for posting and naturally went for something a little wild! Seen here are the Tortoise/Pink that can also be ordered with sunglasses lenses. I could have used these those for the photos! I absolutely love glasses and have written…

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Days Go By and Still I Think of You

Hello darlings! Feeling fresh today with my new hair. Got bangs. Going for that Sia look. House of Cards has me teetering on the cut/grow hair situation and today I’m back to growing it. This is the awkward stage so I’m trying my best to make it through. If I can hold out a couple more months, I’ll be fine! Had an awesome rehearsal for Army of Sass last night. I can’t WAIT till the show. I will have tickets in about a week. I’ve had morning meetings and appts all week and today is my first morning dedicated to blogging. I’m about to make a nice brekky and catch up on the Y&R. Yes, I STILL watch it! Got new glasses by Derek Cardigan from Clearly Contacts and have a contest launching later today. If you’re interested in my sweet Carrera Marble laptop skin you can get one here.…

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