there’s gold in the air of summer

I went to grab a coffee this afternoon and it was so cold and windy. I hate that. However, I did meet someone cool while I was at the coffee shop. His name is Jeff Adams. You may know of him? He is a two-time Olympian, four-time Paralympian, six-time World Champion, and former World Record Holder in the 1500 m men’s wheelchair event. His 800 m gold in Sydney was a record-breaker. He is co-founder of Marvel Wheelchairs and his workshop is right near my office. He invited my to check out the shop and I would really love that!

one of my favorite ones

This is a photo of one of my pieces I did with pastels. It is called ‘Strike Out in a Different Direction‘. It is full of light, energy, attraction, fire & passion. This is one of my most expensive ones because I like it the most. I think I will keep forever, unless an offer comes along I can not resist!! I’m planning on doing some painting this weekend. Looks like rain is on its way and thatinspires me to make art.

dear memory, please pick up your socks and get to work!

I don’t remember where it came from. I think I was watching a movie or something? If you know please inform me, I have a bad memory, as you already know. I drew this sketch as I was watching [insert movie here]. There is a chance it was not in a movie and it was my real life or something that really happened. This, I may never know.

I over heard “anyone deemed rich enough to plant their own orange trees“. I think it means if you can plant your own orange trees, you aren’t doing too bad. I’ve never had an orange tree. Granddad had passion fruit trees in NZ, now that’s my favorite. I guess a passion fruit tree would mean you’re living a passionate & sweet life!

some more unnecessary things made in to necessary art

I first posted my collection ‘Unnecessary Wheels” late last year. I have added more to the ever growing group of ‘things with unnecessary wheels‘. I took photos of a few today to share. I’m really looking forward to displaying them all together some time. Each image is made up & drawn with pastel, paint, marker etc on 60lb, 30% post-consumer acid free fiber. I use a Strathmore sketchbook from the first and only U.S. paper manufacturer to use wind generated electricity to run their paper mills. I share with you from my Unnecessary Wheels Collection – dumbbells, matchbox & motor canoe.

going back to school…cool school.

This morning I stopped into School Bakery & Cafe in Liberty Village before work. I was pleased with my coffee and toast. The prices are a little more than most other morning spots but, I liked the way it looked. I checked out their site and it seems they have Friday Night School dance party that looks like fun by the hot babe in the the ad. They way all their stuff written online and offline has gotten my attention for sure. I love the typography of the big ‘schoolish’ letters and the chalk boards. I think I’ll be going back to School.

you make ME wanna shout and dance

I’m a big fan if any type of dance party and especially improv dance parties. Might you recall the subway dance party? I’ve seen this video along with various others from improv groups around the world. This one, a T-Mobile commercial was filmed at Liverpool Station. It’s my favorite. I’d love to take part in something like this in our wonderful city! Mum sent it to me and I thought other peeps might like to check it out also. Enjoy!