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EIGHT CRAZY NIGHTS: gin & tonikkah?

Casie Stewart Virgin America Provocateur

Getting ready to head back to LA then home. Man, last night was fun. These pix from @stealingkitty. Upload mine later. I’m too hurrying to get outta this hotel and to the airport. (See Dailybooth over here —–>)

Me and Casie

This guy, Jesse designed my Virgin biz cards. Virgin babe.

Casie Stewart Virgin America Provocateur

She is super cute. SO GLAD WE FINALLY MET IRL.

Picking Up Casie

I’ll show you my pix soon enough. BTW was hanging out with Steph Pratt from the Hills and Josh from Desperate Housewives (total babe) last night. I also met Willie Nelson and Richard Branson, y’know NBD. Virgin America sure knows how to party.

Casie Stewart Virgin America Provocateur

Hope you are having a GREAT day. Watched these vids this morning. Love Adam Sandler & tonight’s gonna be a good night like the next few 🙂 HAPPY HANUKKAH!

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