Speaking | SXSW Speaker Tips – Good for Any Speaker!

Speaking today at NXNE, two panels back to back from 9-11am. Here are some things I found from SXSW earlier this year. Simple but good to keep in mind, esp. if this is your first rodeo.



My favorite things from this list:

– Stay on topic
– Always respect the audience

The audience is giving you their time to hear about a topic. You can talk about yourself the rest of the day! Perform your knowledge, be yourself.

Schedule & description:



There is a huge opening party for NXNE Interactive tonight. Imma need to schedule a nap I reckon. Naps are key.

I will be around the conference location Hyatt most the day. Say hi! Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Happy Thursday! Nice to be home 🙂


The Height of Entertainment (Makers)





Photo set from Day 1 at Banff World Media Festival.

Follow me on Twitter for the news. Sent from iPhone.


I think I found the gold.

I just can’t get enough.


It’s magic in the air.







And just like that, it was gone.



I’ve always taken ‘The Wizard of Oz’ very seriously, you know. I believe in the idea of the rainbow. And I’ve spent my entire life trying to get over it.
Judy Garland

These two are INCREDIBLE.



Lifestyle Trends This Week – June 2, 2012

I publish a lot of things on the Internet. I’ve been told is it’s hard to keep up with’.

To me it is art. I have an obsessive compulsive obsession to make/build art/things/memories. Documentation is addicting. I’ve had days without Internet, I start scratching, yelling, freaking out, no just kidding, I do get antsy around 4pm. It happens more in weekends, sometimes I don’t feel like it then I miss it.

My favorite social media sites right now are Instagram, Pinterest, Viddy and I use Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare to share them.

This is what happened this week.

Yellow and red were hot colours on my Instagram and Pinterest



A Viddy I posted of a wizard guy with a fushingi ball was on the ‘whats’s hot page’. I used to go CRAZY using 12seconds.tv years ago, similar thing but not as awesome. Viddy is like Instagram for videos! It has filters, music, and a 15 second time clock. My profile is viddy/casiestewart. It’s intrgrated with Facebook timeline if you have’t noticed.


I really love the DIY projects from Honestly WTF. I pinned this gorgeous Louis Vuitton studded collar from the 2012 Cruise Collection and a couple weeks ago I (started) one just like it. Mine’s not ready to come out yet.

Weather is gloomy. About to do some work around the house and vaguely movies, currently on something about British school girls in boarding school on Cosmo. The sun came out for a few seconds, captured its soul. If you are still in the dark ages with an old phone you can browse any user’s Instaphotos in Statigram.


Barbie made brekky. Beauty!


Get off the couch or become the couch, do what you want!

Bon weekend! 🙂



Back to life. Back to reality.

My most popular Instagram photo in the last few days. I love it. I took stereographic of the lake in Muskoka, other from my balcony using 360 for iPhone, taped together with Diptic app, and sent to Instagram.

I’ve been mostly active on Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr for fun lately. I update them with all different stuff so follow along! My Pin boards are all neatly organized, Instagram is life photos, Tumblr is a mix of things I find pretty/funny/weird on the internet.

I love Internet. I love iPhone. I love life.



This also happened today! Crazy! Window cleaning dude scared the crap out of me.
Oh, yikes, a big bottle of Collingwood Whisky just arrived as a late birthday present. GOTTA GO!


Twitpic New App for iPhone

I downloaded it last night. Here’s some screenshots. It has potential. It’s very ‘Instagrammy’ which is not surprising given it’s popularity. Facebook s adding filters to FB photos any day now. Twitpic was the first and most popular app for Twitter years ago. I have 2,697 photos at twitpic.com/photos/casiestewart.


Select photo, roll for brightness, select filters. Crop, rotate, share.  It’s all quite & easy, see time stamps.


Final product, flipped, filtered & added banner. I like the date stamp on this one.


These two are edited with Camera+ for iPhone. Good app for fixing crap photos or ones with bad lighting.



These are two of my fav photos from Instagram last night. Follow me on IG at followgram.me/casiestewart


What are your thoughts on the Twitpic app? I think Twitpic will get a LOT of users is they beat Instragram to Blackberry. People still use Blackberry right?! haha.

Have an awesome day!