Blog Life: This Is How We Do


You know face you make when you’re looking deep into the computer working away on something? It’s on  we all know well! This was me yesterday afternoon..and most days actually. Concentrating, editing, writing, coding, emailing, blogging, thinking, working, twerking. Ok, only sometimes on the last one!

Went for a run this morning and pushed myself a bit harder. Feeling fresh and inspired. It’s so nice out, you should go outside. It was 21 at 9am! This is how we do!


I’ve learned a lot of thing blogging the last (almost) 10 years. I can hardly believe it’s been so long. Persistence is a big part if making your dreams a reality. I thought about giving up a few times and doing something more traditional, like not keeping a diary of my life on the internet but each time I decide to go on, something amazing happens. This was a good little read:

I’ve seen a ton of bloggers come and go over the years and I think that’s due the fact that people don’t realize how much work and energy it is. TBH, sometimes it’s totally exhausting! It also takes a time to build a brand, trust, a reputation, all which can be destroyed in an instant. I always remember this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt and think it’s best to surround your self with great minds.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

I’ve always counted on Mum to be my first phone when something exciting happens instead of telling friends or the world right away. She can always tell when i’s something big. I’ll ring her at work and say ‘OMG Mum, guess what?!”. I know she loves it. I like to save up exciting things and share them once they happen.

In other news, saw this on M3 today and like, I love her. The Pee Wee Hermans? So cute.

I hope you have a great day. Go get some of that sunshine on your face! Make sure you are wearing SPF tho.


Music Monday + GIF Madness

Monday Madness! Busy day ahead. Catching up on weekend ‘tings at the office. Blue hair don’t care. It’s cold but oh so sunny outside.  Just ate a poutine. Dinner w/ friends at the Four Seasons after work. Got back a bunch of photos from my shoot this weekend w/ Adrian Fiebig, squeee! Ordered new prescription glasses (finally after like 5 years). Have new GelaSkins en route for my laptop, iPhone, and iPad mini. Productivity is at an all time high!

Below is the July Talk album, been listening to it heaps lately. Love both their voices. Met the lovely blonde lead singer Leah Fay at the Kee to Bala this summer. They opened for Sam Roberts. Sean just worked on Sam Roberts new video too. We’re all so connected!

OK, that’s all for meow now!


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‘Across the Universe’ by Chris Hadfield and the Wexford Gleeks

‘Across the Universe’ by Chris Hadfield and the Wexford Gleeks

Enjoy this. A friend at CBC Music sent it to me yesterday. This song reminds me of mum, I think she sang it to us as kids. Almost brought tears to my eyes. Chris Hadfield is such an amazing human.


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Check out ‘We Got Snow’ by my friend Leah Daniels!

Check out ‘We Got Snow’ by my friend Leah Daniels!

Leah and I were in Thailand together and got along really well, heaps of laughs. She’s a Canadian Country singer and this little tune is a great way to kick off December 2013.  Our crew on the trip was anxiously awaiting the release of the ‘We Got Snow’ video after it was stuck in our heads most the trip. I love the kazoo part.  It’s perfect timing for the holidays! Get it here on iTunes.

They made this great set in her basement and it was directed by none other than the awesome Tim Deegan, former MUCH VJ.

Leah Daniels – We Got Snow – Official Music Video

Have a great day my friends, the holidays are just around the corner and I’m already filled with joy!


Rdio New Music Weekly – feat My Girl @SURY_JK!

Rdio New Music Weekly – feat My Girl @SURY_JK!

I’ve been using Rdio since 2010. I LOVE this service. Currently listening to Lightbulbs by Fujiya & Miyagi. Have a bunch of posts tagged Rdio from the last two years here if you wanna check’ em out.

Sury is in this Rdio New Music Weekly – featuring Yamantaka, Sonic Titan. The extended version will be released soon and I’ll update the vid then. Animation studio Tendril.


The Ballet on Ossington w/ Ivana Santilli

The Ballet on Ossington w/ Ivana Santilli

Went to Ballet on Ossington for my first time Friday night. It was a blast! We popped bottles and danced the night away with Ivana Santilli. Who is awesome by the way!

The Ballet is not ‘the ballet’ like the time I was in the Nutcracker with the National Ballet of Canada ballet, it’s just the the venue name.

Me as a Canon Doll in the Nutcracker w/ the National Ballet of Canada

It’s a sexy, fairly small, upstairs bar, with old school booths and often features burlesque dancers. See the full set of photo here, a few of my friends & favs below!


Haha I crack me up… DANCE FACE!

Have an awesome day. Much love to you all!


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