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  • Afternoon

    Working hard to make the cash  Afternoon with a little hash  Kitchen table once again  Comes in handy now and then  Recording time in a note  Keeps me high so I can float

    brock rock!!!!!!!! yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa

    i love broc. it is so good in my tummy. leafy greens. Brock Rock is a band of broc’s. they are hot.

    smelly tuna

    today at lunch ian was opening his tuna can and juice sprayed out like mad all over his t-shirt. now ian is a smelly tuna boy for the rest of the day. mmmm sexy! ahaaha.

    first post ever

    My name is Casie. This is a photo of myself on a beautiful sunny day. I love the sun so much. I also like dancing and drawing. Today is a beautiful day. I am working all day but after work…..LOOK OUT SUN HERE I COME!!

    ”she’s gonna grow up and write a book about you”

    I remember when I was a kid and someone saying to my mother, “she’s gonna grow up and write a book about you if you’re not careful”. This book is about everything. All of me. I’m choosing today to finally put together my second book. I wrote my first book entitled JEANS, An Anthology of Poetry & Prose in 1996. It was co-written with a now distant friend and we published it ourselves at the age of 14. I figure that if I could do that at 14 then I can definitely do this now. I had taken time away from my writing for a period of approximately six years. Until, one day while sitting in on a friends class in university I began writing again. I was inspired. I was inspired by the room, the professor, and by the people around me whom I did not even know. It…

    Putting Your Best Face Forward w/ Dr. Lisa Kellett

    This year I turned 34, I know, hard to believe! I’ve always had a young youthful spirit and boundless energy, think back to the other weekend when I drew all over my bag for the Ford adventure. Mum had a chuckle when I showed her this photo, sometimes I’m still 8 years old. A few months ago I was given the opportunity to learn about Emervel, a soft dermal filler for dealing with fine lines and wrinkles. It’s used most for enhancing lips and minimizing the signs of ageing. It was good timing because I’ve had more chats about ‘enhancing’ beauty at events over the last year than ever.  Earlier this year I shared the Emervel Kissability report with info on plumping up your pout. YouTube Canada gave me some stats about beauty & fashion trends on the rise, three of the top beauty trends are eyelash extensions, eyebrow filler, and lipstick. Canada also ranks 3rd worldwide for ‘lip filler’…

    Been Using Miracle 10 for 3 Months – Here’s My Results!

    I get heaps of beauty products and I try to use them all but, I only have one face. I often share them with mum,¬†my sisters or friends. A couple months ago I was invited to The 10 Spot to try out Miracle 10 and get a mani. In searching email I found out that I was first contacted in 2013 about this product, created by a Canadian skin care company and developed by The Plastic Surgery Skincare Clinic Inc. I kinda suck at sticking to a beauty regime but I gave Miracle 10 ¬†try for 2 months and actually documented my face as it changed. This product was gifted to me and I didn’t have to blog about it BUT¬†I noticed a difference and since I took all those selfies I owe it to myself to share!¬†

    Chilean Girls Night In w/ Montes Wine

    Last week my BFFs and I celebrated Jen’s birthday with a wine tasting thanks to Montes Wine. ¬†Montes was founded ¬†in 1987 and is the the pioneer producer of premium quality Chilean wines. Our night started with an informal tasting with a totally awesome¬†sommelier,¬†Lesley Prevost,¬†followed by a delicious selection of Chilean catering. Learning heaps from @purplelips! She’s awesome. TY @MontesWines! pic.twitter.com/NPODF26IkL ‚ÄĒ CASIE STEWART (@casiestewart) April 26, 2016 We were treated to¬†four of their premium wines you can now find at the LCBO: Montes Twins¬†Sauvignon Blanc 2015 Montes Twins¬†Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Montes Alpha Malbec 2o12 Montes Alpha Cab Sav 2013 We all really enjoyed the Sauv Blanc, it was light and fruity, with nodes of¬†tropical fruits pineapple,¬†grapefruit and orange blossom. I could deff see myself drinking this all summer. I think it would be really nice w/with some fruit/Perrier on ice. I really enjoyed the Malbec/Cab Sav blend, it has…

    Monday, Monday, Monday!

    This morning I ventured out to Etobiocoke for a plant tour of a clients workshop. It was pretty neat. I love the smell of workshops. My dad owned a big hot rod shop that had a warehouse when I was a kid, I spent so much time there growing up.  Had to fully gear up with glasses and steel toe shoes. It’s crazy warm in Toronto right now, 12 degrees! Apparently it’s NOT because of Global Warming, just an El Ni√Īo keeping things warm. A record-breaking El Ni√Īo has shunted the jet stream far to the north, paving the way for warm air to shatter records. [More here.] Here’s a little sneak peek at the Christmas tree April and I decorated at the 1188 office on Friday. It’s a selfie tree! We’re even got Drake, Kanye, and Otis the dog (RIP, love you). Had some great chilli for lunch. Tonight I’m doing a holiday…

    Travel | A bad day at the cottage is better than a good day at work! ūüíõ

    I was a bit slack on blogging last week. Was feeling overwhelmed, I’ve had so much going on lately I feel like I’m constantly running. This weekend we closed the cottage.¬†It was so beautiful out, the weather was fabulous, saw lots of stars,¬†sun was shining shining, the leaves had fallen. ¬†It was lots of work but nice. Something like ‘A bad day at the cottage is better than a good day at work.‘ ¬†

    The Estrella Damm Tapas Journey

    Last week I had the opportunity to check out the Estralla Damm Tapas Journey at Kanpai in Toronto’s East End.¬†Tapas and pintxos are staples of Spanish cuisine, small plate snacks meant to be enjoyed & shared with friends. It was my first visit to Kanpai and we were treated to amazing service that made a great date night. Estrella Damm¬†launched Canada‚Äôs inaugural Tapas Journey in Toronto¬†on August 14th and it goes until TOMORROW ONLY ¬†it’s over now.. This was my first time trying Estrella Damm and it reminded me of Sapporo (my fav beer). It was lite, refreshing, and delicious. I would know because I sampled it MORE than a few times that night. Heh heh.¬†ūüćĽ Just sat down at @KanpaiSnackBar for our #TapasJourney! Holy ūüźĄ @estrelladamm is… https://t.co/7DOzAPAOmJ pic.twitter.com/39fItEGr2R ‚ÄĒ CASIE STEWART (@casiestewart) August 15, 2015 Twenty of the city‚Äôs best¬†restaurants were¬†featuring¬†three mouth-watering tapas served with a cold Estrella…

    World Elephant Day – Throwback to Visiting Maesa Elephant Camp

    In honour of World Elephant Day, here’s a throwback visiting an¬†elephant sanctuary in Chaing¬†Mai, ¬†Thailand. ¬†ŗłõŗł≤ŗłáŗłäŗĻČŗł≤ŗłáŗĻĀŗł°ŗĻąŗł™ŗł≤ aka Maesa Elephant Camp is like a retirement camp for elephants that aren’t able to go back into the wild after¬†they’ve worked.¬†There are over 75 elephants and they do activities like soccer, basketball, and painting. I was so impressed with their painting skills!

    Putting the JOY in JOMO

    There’s a good chance you met me at an event (if we’ve met IRL). Over the past 10 years I have gone to as many events as I could. Some weeks 3/night for 3/5 days a week. It’s a great way to meet new people, make¬†friends, and expand your network. It’s also quite tiring, as is living on the internet and sharing your life throughout the day. I still love going out but since my digital detox in Costa Rica¬†I’ve also come to love being home. There was a time when I would trek across the city just to see everyone be seen at a party, then back to another event, and dance the night away. ¬†Now, quite often, I find myself scrolling photos from people who were out the night before thinking ‘ooh, that looks fun’ and feeling joy that I didn’t make it. [vine id=”5BwdTgWVVIa”] You see, I’ve…


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    About Casie Stewart

    Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie¬†has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling.

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