another one bites the dust

My name is Casie and I have a problem with cameras. It is at this time I regret to inform you that the little pink Fuji has finally succumbed to the little crack in the lens part that goes in an out and now has a permanent zoom error.

She’s done.

The crack happened some months ago and was all ‘error’ for a while, then it came back to life. I think we lost her this time. Error seems to be EMO for gadgets.

I can just see my friend PTBKB reading this and laughing. (Babe, I know, we knew it was a matter of time. Shouldn’t have written that fake losing camera story last month! Gahhhh!)

Honestly though, when you are this active and take as many photos as I do on the daily, life is hard for a camera.

Time to draw a camera on wheels, to the emergency room or morgue! [sad face]

BTW,  did you know my birthday is  Saturday 🙂

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