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#TBT Thailand: Panoramic Views of Somewhere Warmer Than Here

Came across these photos on my phone and forgot I even took them. I love how panoramic photos capture a time and place. Fond memories. These were all taken on my trip to Thailand just over a year ago with Contiki Canada. They took 17 of Canada’s top content creators on the trip of a lifetime. We had so much fun. these photos were taken in Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Koh Tao, and Koh Samui. Go back in time and relive my trip in posts tagged Thailand. I would absolutely love to be somewhere warm right now but have too much going on to drop it all and get away. So, instead I’ve cranked the heat and dehumidifier and am sharing  travel photos. Enjoy! With love, CASIE

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Travel Tuesday: Let’s Go to Thailand

Pack your virtual bags, we’re going to Thailand on the blog today! What better time than now to share travel stories of places warmer than Canada?! During winter we all think about planning a getaway to somewhere sunny and warm. I’ve got posts ready to publish each Tuesday for the next few weeks taking you on adventures to popular travel destinations like Thailand, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and more. So, if you’re sitting at your desk or hibernating inside you house, I invite you to come on a virtual vacation with me. I arrived in Bangkok and spent a few days there before heading to Chiang Mai. In Bangkok I visited the floating markets, ate on Khao San Road, and cruised around the streets picking up souvenirs. In Chiang Mai we rode bikes, visited some temples, night markets, saw a lady boy show, and experienced torrential rainfall. I also went…

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Travel | Thailand w/ The ContikiThai Crew!

Check out this great vid by my Vancouver buds the Sunday Fundayz. These dudes were so much fun to hang out with in Thailand. They’re the ones doing backflips and splits in my photos. We crammed heaps of adventure into our 10 days. Now that’s so dang freezing here I’m really wishing I was back in the hot, hot sun. If you love travel, subscribe to the Sunday Fundayz on YouTube, they’re constantly on adventure! They also have a clothing line of which I just ordered a pile of stuff. Thailand via Instagram: 46 Photos in 15 Seconds Made this little video using Statigram, an app that allows you to create a video from your Instagram vids. Super great for summarizing trips, special moments, or looking back at the year past. It’s free but for $1.99 you can add your own watermark as I did below. Stay warm out there,…

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