Let’s Get Sexy

I recently had to replace my iPhone and when I found out it wasn’t $600+ and was $200, I splurged on nice new bras & panties. It’s something I rarely do but is oh so nice to treat yourself. Especially this time of year when you’re budget often goes to treating others. I have some friends at Buytopia.com who graciously gave me some gift certificates and asked me to share this fab dealio with you. $25 for $50 at any La Vie en Rose in Canada. If you purchase the deal, leave a comment! I’m going to give away a $50 voucher to you. Ways to To Enter for the $50 Gift Certificate: 1) Like on Facebook by recommending above & sharing with family/friends. 2) Buy the deal here & comment below. I will randomly pick someone from the likes and comments. Prize will be PDF sent via email. Tell your Mom/sister/boyfriend…

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those shoes are pretty sexy

Can you guess where they are from? No really, guess. I don’t usually shop there but it’s super affordable. I think my darling Sabrina will be proud of me for these babies. I don’t wear heels that often. They look so sexy  and I love that feeling but got damn sometimes they kill your feet. We’ll bust these out when it get’s warmer. HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING. The shoes are designed by Christian Siriano for Payless, the youngest winner of Poject runway. Yay Generation Y! I don’t watch the show but I deff know someone who does. When we were coming home from Puerto Rico in December we met a guy from the show and Ellen got her photo with him. What was his name E? Popular for designers to do a line for less ex. H&M, Target, KMart. Remember how crazy everyone went for Lanvin H&M? CRAZY.  I…

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warhol’s portrait of gretzky, pretty fuckin’ sexy

During Toronto Film Fest last month I saw Hawksley Workman at the Festival Music House perform this tune from his new album and I love it. Been listening over and over. I’m feeling a little better today. If you’re feeling sick too, as I hear heaps of peeps are, try this Thyme Bath (instructions  in this post). It seriously works like a CHARM! I went to bed early last night and slept till 1pm today. I reckon I’m more tired from a whirlwind September than actually sicky-sick. Fingers crossed for speedy recovery. Quite missing Mum, we used to talk every day and now that she’s on her sailing adventure, we hardly talk anymore. Mum when you read this CALL ME. I LOVE YOU. Might go home to see Dad this weekend depending on how I’m feeling. I usually have a pretty fast bounce back from sickness. If I don’t get…

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stop fighting. i do not want you to fight at this show…

do you think i’m sexy?

Isn’t this a scary thought…four of ME! I was at the penthouse of the SOHO Met yesterday afternoon. Madonna stays there. It’s the sweetest pad I’ve seen in the city ever. Three floors w/ elevator, bar, library and private roof balcony lounge. Yes please. I’m not a fighter. If you know me or almost know me you know that I’m not voilent, I like kindness. I like sharing and I like caring. Yes, I also love rainbows and unicorns too ok. Recently Lady Gaga stopped a show because some girls were fighting. Check it out: SHANA TOVA! Today is the first day of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. I’ve gotten a bunch of people finding my site looking for ‘rosh hashana’ stationary & cards etc. I used to study Kabbalah for a bunch of years and celebrated the high holidays. I really loved the spirituality and things I learned.…

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I’m bringin’ sexy back. Honestly.

Sun out. Bikini on. Pool hang. Gon’ take vacation after a busy week post job. Nice brekky with Beans, she’s a good cook. Sun out. Couple prospects on the horizon. Feels nice. No big weekend plans. Dreaming of a room clean. Siesta in my future. Feel like a new tattoo. Thinking of Mum sailing the seas, miss sister and Dad too. Excited for Wakestock bikini hang. Might even gym today…ok probably not. Great meeting yesterday. Good friends last night but wasn’t  really feeling it. Energy low today. Reckon I need a break or a Kit Kat.

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you’re sexy, you’re cute, put down your riot suit

Her dad is an engineer, this might work. Ya? Our streets. Wondered if anyone was gonna say something about my outfit, but nah. I guess I don’t look like a trouble maker? Kinda hard when I’m so smiley all the damn time. It’s true. Then it rained. It got kinda crazy so I bounced. I ran home in the downpour and by that time I looked like this. What a crazy thing. ATTENTION WORLD LEADERS: THERE IS A BETTER WAY. Find it. Do it. Don’t waste money and time on all the crap that we saw this weekend. SRSLY. Love Casie ♥

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