School Yourself! Life is One Big Lesson

School Yourself! Life is One Big Lesson

Seeing so many school photos today made it feel like back to school. The craziest thing for me is seeing friends who have kids that are the age they were when I met them. It’s so weird/cool I guess? Gah, how old am I, I still feel young! Still learning new things all the time, excited about life. This week is an exciting one with all kinds of new experiences and people. Today I am going to the TIFF Stylist Box and then attending Toronto Fashion Week for a show. It all kind of gives me anxiety but this year I’m trying harder than last to prepare, plan accordingly, and not stay out too late.

Today felt kind of like back to school because I saw hundreds of kids! Mostly on FB but we also went to Em’s first day, which is exciting. Now that I think back to actually being in school, I really liked it. I mean, I still left all my projects to the last minute and dragged on doing homework but it was great! School teaches you so many things you don’t learn in class. Problem-solving, giving and taking constructive feedback, working in teams, being a leader, creating.

Sometimes I see myself as teaching and that would be kinda like going back to school. But then I think about those who can’t, teach’ and I’m like no way. Maybe just a couple classes here and there! 



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