Being Prepared Helps Me Feel Less Stressed

Being Prepared Helps Me Feel Less Stressed

Some cottage time this weekend was the perfect way to prepare for this week. It’s always super hectic and I love it so much at the same time. I’ve been doing TIFF for 10 years. The things I do during the festival now are so much different than when I started. Back then it was a party here or there and now there is work, daytime stuff, more exciting events, a lot more people. It is so important to take time to balance yourself, chill out, sit quietly, let your mind wander.

Shared this tweet yesterday and it kind of sums up how I feel about the seasons changing and winter coming. This month is very busy (TIFF, TFW, speaking, travel) and will be fun but I need to stay focused on the self-improvement track. I look forward to going to the gym these days and I hate missing yoga for anything. I also love reading a book tucked away in my favourite room or spending hours in the kitchen.

Tweet from Chance the Rapper

Don’t forget to take time for YOURSELF.





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