today in blog news – i updated!

I updated to the new WordPress 3.2. The way it looks when I type before I publish is a bit different, I hear there are a few other new things too. It’s more like writing a document now. I feel like a reporter.

I am reporting life of/on/in the internet.

eTalk called me a Social Media Expert last night.  No argument.  I’m happy with how it went. Will post soon for Mum & anyone else outside Canada or doesn’t have TV.  The host Ben referred to me as “Stewart” and after calling me “famed blogger” they put my site on screen National TV. HI CANADA!

I was using webOS on a new HP tablet. A bunch of people were them at an HP Blogger event last night.  I am still using iPad. My friend the CellGuru thinks I’ll learn to love HP’s TouchPad better. I dunno, we’ll see.

Y’all know Andy is my iPad boyfriend.  One of the reasons I love him is because he has so many apps. We have heaps of fun together on Flipboard, Twitter, signing Autographs, watching Netflix, playing games. I can’t see myself without him and I don’t know if I’m ready to date anyone else.

I’m planning to clean my desk this weekend. I do not like having a messy work area. It clouds my head trapping my thoughts from getting through my fingers to the screen.

I’ve been saving these gifts to treat myself.

These need to be dealt with.

These need to be played with.

Tonight I’m heading to the Spoke Club for Mark’s fall preview. Picked out some really great items from Mark’s last year before I went to NZFW. Impressed with how well they’ve washed, worn & stood up to my busy lifestyle.

Remember: You are younger today than you will ever be again so make the most of it and do something worth remembering.


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