Made this video for Dad a in 2009. I watched practice from the fence. I love the sound of those cars. Had longer hair then too. Do you ever read the archives?

This weekend I am super stoked to be checking out the HONDA INDY. Friday is FREE DAY and anyone can go. If you’ve never been or want an excuse to leave work early, you’re welcome.

There’s also a Tweetup on Saturday.

The charming & good looking (;)) team at Honda Canada gave me a pair of GOLD passes for the weekend including Paddock Passes for extra awesome access. Keri & I are gonna go make make some vids.

Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend.

P.S. Today I found out that in 2000 LiLo played a character named CASEY STUART in Life-Size with Tyra Banks. Uh, that’s totes my name toooooo guys. OMGAAAAAAAAAHHHH.


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