Sheepdogs and Lights at Mod Club

Awesome time last night at the Festival Music House. Having it at The Mod Club is so much better for the music compared to last year’s event at Roosevelt Room. See all posts from last year’s event here.

Lots of music industry peeps & execs were there. We caught Lights and The Sheepdogs.  Mum, next time there’s a Sheepdoggy show I am taking you.

These good pix from are from RockIt on Flickr. I didn’t take my camera (again).

Heard Lights just got engaged. Congrats sista. Remember that time she did a shout out to me and all my “internet amazingness“. Props to her for being so adorable. I think she’s great.

I wore these down a$$ tiger tights Secret sent me. Rarrrrrrrr!

For a girl who hardly ever wears pants, a shipment of tights like this really kick starts the winter wardrobe. This year for Fall/Winter they have lots of texture (light rib, cable rib), colour blocking and animal print. I practically screamed when I opened the package. THANK YOU SECRET!

Sammy & I are heading back to Mod Cub for the final night of Festival Music House. If you see me, say hi!

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