On My Favs List: Swarovski Bass Buds

These are my new fav headphones.


I got these  blinged out BassBuds about a month ago from FuelMyBlog and I’ve been using them every single day.


 Product Specs:

  • Ultra distortion-free bass and crisp treble
  • Noise Isolation: Immerse in the music
  • 9mm Dynamic Speakers with Neodynium Magnet
  • Earphone Housing is made with high grade aluminium
  • Swarovski Crystals are embedded in the back of the aluminium sound chamber
  • Sound waves emitted in the sound chamber are specifically tuned and directed towards the front chamber housing entering the ear canal with optimal bass and balance in treble
  • Speaker diaphragm is composed of PET materials and the diaphragm patterns are uniquely designed to maximize the performance of the micro speaker with minimal distortion
  • Micro Filter for extra audio purity
  • Wide Frequency Response

Source: bassbuds.co.uk via Bass on Pinterest

Bassbuds are shipped (from UK) and if you want to order a pair use the voucher code BB75247 to save $30.00. Get ’em here!

Have an awesome day!



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