i have a crush

we’re seen eachother before. we know a bit about what we do and we’ve hung out a few times, never anything serious and we’re usually with friends anyways.

today, we had a moment to connect.  we get each other, we’re creative and smart. i think he’s really good looking, i hope he likes me too.          whisper you will BE MINE!

more and more i want a mac. haha.. them apples.

is this thing on?

love this guy, Andy.

this was waiting for me post massage at ostara spa on sunday. i really should have shown how beautiful it was but, it all looked so good i ate it. thank you for inviting me.

it’s nice inside. relaxing.

i wanna do a party there with a bunch of friends. this is idea is brewing a STEW.

nice floor in there. warmest boots ever. no socks marino wool inside, waterproof, made for adventures in lifestyle thick lycra pants were mum’s. thanks ma!

portraits are fun

so is life!

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