elsa taught me how to fly

Elsa got a new job as a Super Blogger and I was so happy for her.  She’s in NYC and lives the little rich girl lifestyle I dream of.  Aaah, one day! I drew this for her because I was so excited. She also mentioned something about appearing in an Net Opera. Sounds interesting & will have to inquire about that a little more.

Tomorrow I have been asked to join forces with some of Toronto’s Top Social Media guru’s to be part of  the World Partnership Walk. I’m on a team called Toronto’s Legion of Social Media Super Heroes and we are fighting Global Poverty. The walk takes place in 9 cities in Canada, and is largest charity walk fighting Global poverty.

The RedWire girls will be there as the RedWire Angels, Saul Colt will be there as Mr. Zoocasa, Stuart MacDonald (former founder of Expedia.ca) will come as Captain Stuman! There are so many great people coming out including Miss KarmaCake (AKA Marie Nicola), Miss Sunshine Girl! (AKA Talia Russo), Mr. DailyChallenge (AKA Darius Bashar), The Rypple (AKA Jay Goldman),Mr. Facebook! (AKA Karim Kanji) and more!

Anyone can dress up as any Social Media icon they wish!

I’m you think walking is cool or you just wanna hang out, come meet me at Metro Hall at 11am.  I’m the lowest on the sponsorship scale and it would make me feel cool if someone would be generous enough to sponsor me. I’d really appreciate not being a loser! (wipes tear) It’s for the kids!

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