do not go to the fridge, you have no friends there

I always eat snacks & watch crime shows at night while on computer and I’m trying not to snack before morning cause I’m determined to get through three darn days of a real cleanse like I know I can. Run on sentence, thoughts. Last time I tried I had zero willpower but I’m stronger now. Ok, I ate some vegetables at lunch. 🙂  Have you ever watched that Life After People Show? It’s crazy. Shirt is from the Hitmen who travel.

mXkgZF on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

If you’re curious, I’m doing the Energize from Total Cleanse. Was delivered three days of pre-made juice all nicely bottled and bagged. Six juices per day, four different. They’re not gross, they’re good.  I was worried I wouldn’t like drinking them but I’m gonna go at it again tomorrow. Bixi to YD Square with my comp first thing in the morning. Hoping for sun!

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