expansion of the universe is accelerating

It’s hard to wake up, I could stay in bed all day but NO! Meeting Keri for coffee and gonna drive some cars. Remember last time we drove cars? Took a few veee-dubs round a race track with a pro driver. See Das Awesome for the vids.

BTW did you see that Scientists in the US and Australia won the Nobel Prize in Physics “for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe,” SMH has the full story. Who knew Aussies were so smart, hahaha. I kid, I kid, I love Australia. #kiwi

Once again I’m running behind because I’m addicted to documenting. Need to get camera ready for my live debut on youtube.ca. I’ll Tweet before I go on so you can tab your browser to youtube.ca and see ME!

Want me to give you a shoutout?

New Gaga w/ Tony vid out today.

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