live on i wanna do that!

Canada, tomorrow we make history in the first ever live event on!  Think about the future of live events, no really, think for a second if you could attend anything live anywhere.

I imagine we will…

One of the things I really love about social media is the way it has enhanced real time integration of live events & across different channels (tv, internet, mobile). Mouthfullofowordsthere. Tweeting while watching on youtube and posting comments on Facebook that shares to Twitter. You may not work kinda like that but I do and I love this stuff.

A friend works with Chevrolet and when he told me about their event live on I was like “OMG I WANNA BE ON“. Thing is, anyone can be on cause they’re doing #chevroletallday live in Yonge-Dundas Square to tell the world about new cars (VoltSonic, and Orlando). Famous 15 seconds everyone!!

 I’d like to host an event live on youtube one day. Tomorrow I’m just cruisin’ by to check it out . They have music, test drives, graffiti, test drives, and a show by  Fitz & the Tantrums at 7pm (who Rolling Stone called, “A Band To Watch..”). They said sames about The Sheepdoggs and I love those guys.

I like this video they performed live on a boat in Amsterdam. I wanna go there.

If you wanna come with me or meet me there I’m going in the AM because there’s a chance to win a new car and heaps of prizes. OMG IMAGINE YOU WIN A CAR?! You could drive (me). 🙂 Will probably go back to see the band in the evening too.

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