Day 84: Sunshine, Bike Ride, Fresh Air Therapy

I tried really hard to do something today. I put my expectations high, I thought I could do it all by myself. I didn’t want help. I failed. I sucked at it. I had a total meltdown.

The day started well with a 3.5km run around the neighbourhood. I stopped at the OKAYOK Store to take this photo, they have a great mirror film on the window. I’m wearing the Joe Fresh outfit again bc I am 1000% obsessed.

After my meltdown, I took to the streets on my bike and discovered a great new (to me!) spot in our area. The other day mum told me how she used to love running on a track so I was so happy to find one at École secondaire Toronto Ouest.

I leaned back on my bike, called a friend, and read my book. I also did another one of Elaisha’s daily meditations. It was so nice. I traced my fingers with my eyes closed, took deep breaths, and soaked in the sun. If you haven’t subscribed you can get on her 30-day course on Your Mindful for free here.


P.S. I lost my fav Juul today, it was engraved 'CASIE IS THE BEST' ?