Day 83: New Ways, New Mask, New Look

Biked around early in the morning and met April for a social distance hang with coffee in her backyard around 8 am. We talked about life, everything going on in the world, things outside us, feelings inside us, it was really nice. She always has good advice, makes me laugh, and is there with a compliment or to a reminder when I need it the most.

It’s crazy to think back to a few months ago when everything was different and we had no idea what was coming. Things will never be the same, this is a new way of life, of living, of thinking, of feeling.

In the afternoon I walked to Danica’s Bathing Belle shop in Roncy to pick up my mask and see her new mural being painted. It looks so nice and the art is done by @Viszla_Bacon on IG. He has a couple other in the area, you might recognize his work!

Bathing Belle will be opening up soon to take appointments at the shop. I ordered the Rasta Lion mask to match my suit and scrunchie. I love it! Her suits are the best bathing suits I’ve ever owned, she makes them herself, and the fabric so nice. Highly recommend.

It was a full moon last night, I sat out and read my book for a bit. I placed my crystals out under the moonlight and made my wishes on the moon. Even though I couldn’t’ see it through the clouds, I knew it was there. I got this yellow bowl two summer’s ago from a shop in the LXMarket, Lisbon. I was hesitant to buy it but I’m so glad to have it now.

This orange outfit is my most favourite thing right now, I copped the crop/shorts from Sasha Exeter‘s post and used her 25% off discount at Joe Fresh (SASHA25). In other news, my roots are so long my hair looks brown when it’s tied back.

On the way home from Roncy, I grabbed a TOGO Margarita from a little bar. These are certainly weird times. ?

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