2011 Notable Awards Nominee – Best Personal Brand

There were hundreds of notable nominations from young professionals all across Canada and…drumroll please…We’re  in the finals! 

It would be so cool to win this and I would love your vote.


Congrats to the other finalists in the category especially friends Anna, Chrissy & Marcelo.  (Cheers to Reiha for this collage she made it for a contest I had earlier this year!)

All nominee’s were nominated & chosen by how they personified what it means to live a 360-degree, well-balanced young professional life. The Judging Panel consists of senior level exec’s from some of Canada’s largest companies.

This is what they’re looking at:

1) Dedication to Career and Professional and Personal Development,
2) Charity and Community Support, Inspiring Co-workers,
3) Employers, and Community, and finally
4) Number of Votes FROM YOU!

If you need some motivation/inspiration/entertainment, here’s a list of things that’ve been part of brand building over the last two years:

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