something sweet in the air

Tonight I am meeting with the team of organizers for Pay it Backward day, which is on Saturday at 1pm. It’s going to be a fun Saturday afternoon!
I hope to see lots of peeps out for a good cause and great fun. There are lots of sponsors and entertainment planned. Sign up on FB. I’ll be there, being myself and having fun of course. I wonder who’s bringing the Bailey‘s for my coffee? Or just anything sweet really. Saying that I would really love someone to bring a baileys anyway. I’d definitely love it if someone brought a Baileys Red Velvet drink for me to try. That would be very sweet. Although I guess I just have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully someone will see my hint about the baileys though! I am joking before anyone asks, it would just be a rather lovely thing for someone to bring! More importantly though, you should all make sure that you can come to the Pay it Backword day, it would mean so much so many people, so it’s really worthwhile doing. I can guarantee that it will be a fun Saturday afternoon! So bring your kids, bring you whole family and just be prepared to have fun! I know that I will certainly enjoy myself… particuarly if someone brings me some Baileys…
Today is the birthday of my favorite Toronto Blogger, Raymi the Minx. If you don’t know her, you should. She is the best diarist and has the awards to prove it. I saw these cupcakes while I was getting groceries at lunch and captured them all to send through the Internet to Raymi and wish her a Happy 26th Birthday!

can i get a book please?

Today is a sunny day. I like that.
Mum sends us clothes here and there and she has great style. I pulled this guy out of the closet today and rushed out the door. One of the boys in the office said would “come by my desk to check out a book“. haha. I get it. I like this dress, it has pockets. I had to cut head off here, face was wrinkled up.

I’m loving the new neon units. They are SO VIBRANT. I feel like if I was a pastel, I would be neon, electric yellow or pink or purple…or one of those multicolored swirl ones. Yes, for sure.

raincoat & wellies and clouds in the sky

Today is cloudy and I’ve got lots to do. I took these yesterday, they’re for you. I’ve got some things to post later too. Drinking a coffee and feeling neat, I wonder what catering will bring today to eat?
Thank you Daily Challenge for giving me this camera. If you don’t know, I won it in their Holiday Do Gooder contest. I love it. It make me very happy to share all kinds of random snipits of my life with the world. Like this little guy:

sunday boshketball game

Today was rainy but it cleared up after about 1pm. Mum and I walked over to the ACC to see the ball game. Jenie was dancing and we were excited to see her. I don’t really watch any sports as a hobby. I brought my neon pastels to the Raptors game with my Moloeskine and drew some bright stuff. It was fun. So much energy there, it was electric.

Game was exciting, I enjoyed it. Hanging with the fams is really fun. Mum and Jenie & James.

rainy sunday windy raindrops

Last night was really, really windy. I was woken by the fierce raindrops on my window. Yesterday went to the art shop and then I can home and made art with these guys.
Mum is in the city today as we are going to see sister dance at the Raptors game. I took her for a tour of my office this morning and to the Old York. I never go to the office on weekends and I accidentally set off the alarm and all the sirens were going off and I just looked at mum & laughed. I saved the day by calling a lifeline and getting him on the phone before the alarm company did. Phew. Was a close one. No cops showed up. #thankyouverymuch

"…and your little blog too"

Today I got a message that was a link to the following images. At first, I thought oh cool postering, but then I looked a little closer. I noticed the borderline and then the neon and the face and the name, it’s me.
“ll get you my pretty, and your little blog too.” I love it. He suprised me with this today. Toronto Posterboy is a Toronto artist. You can find him on Twitter and if you want to know more about postering his company is called WellHung. He is a smart cookie that Posterboy, I have a site called borderline artistic where I have a collection of artistic things like drawings and poems. It’s an online art gallery. He put my face in neon near the Borderline on Queen Street. Awesomism.