Why Just Watch When You Can Feel?

I just came from a keynote by Paul Lee president of ABC. It was refreshing to hear his thoughts about storytelling through media. I things brands and broadcast networks have an INCREDIBLE opportunity to tell stories through trans media. The internet is your friend guys. Paul Lee said “for all the business models, the play is still the thing”.

In the spirit of being refreshing, check out this short film The Drop, shot by Johan Renck for Perrier. He’s one of one of the most respected and sought after directors of commercials and music videos right now. The shooting took place during 5 days in march 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“When everything is melting on Earth, a gorgeous heroine is sent into space to refresh the world with a bottle of Perrier…”

The film plays on all what makes Perrier a unique and iconic brand: it’s sophisticated, elegant, incredibly hot and has a unique French touch to it. Perrier has made a couple film now and I enjoy the way they have taken to YouTube to create a feeling through film and go further than just making a commercial. Good job guys!

Some Takeaways from this morning’s Keynote for Brands:

  • Need to lean forward like a kid, with genuine interest
  • We have access to brilliant new technologies ex. Instagram, Xbox
  • Need to lean back, take things in, feel the story
  • TV is really about storytelling
  • Storytelling is changed, more choices
  • Viewers have limitless possibility to consume
  • Smart viewers choose when & where to watch

More from Banff World Media Festival later today! Check out HOW beautiful it is here right now…



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