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Underwater! Tweet, tweet, tweet!

Last week on that underwater shoot for BravoFact everyone got photos in the pool. I  decided it was time to put my DryCase for iPhone to the test. Keys worked, camera worked, and my phone is 100% fine post pool. I mention the DryCase on my show this week.

In this week’s episode of THIS on Coral TV, I share with you some of my fav gadgets for travelling. I don’t mind being stuck in an airport as long as I have power so the Incipio case puremobile.ca sent me is a savior. It’s super thin and priced at $24.99 is a great buy.

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Storified by CASIE STEWART · Fri, Aug 10 2012 11:51:58

RT @CoralTV: Ever drop your phone in h2o? @casiestewart has a solution thanks to @dry_case – check it out on today’s ep of THIS – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRNTLmQ_4ZQ&list=UU1oMom9DVdfeNZqvqHO-LOg&index=0&feature=plcp#Dry Case
* I reallllllly tested this Dry Case on a shoot last week and it really works. I can’t wait for my next surfing trip to tweet from my board and listen to music while I surf.
Go paperless when you travel with the @TripIt App! See how @casiestewart uses it in the latest episode of THIS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRNTLmQ_4ZQCORAL
Thanks for the kind words! Love the people are enjoying my vids. I’m getting better at producing, it takes practice!
@casiestewart You’re just too cute!! Love the @CoralTV Videos.Trina Stewart
@CoralTV @casiestewart @ShannonLitt she is full of energy 🙂 love itCamMi Pham
Domestic Geek @SaraLynnCauchon on @CoralTV is featured on @youtube with her amazing dishwasher tricks. Check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rkKdELBTV0&feature=youtube_gdata_playerKit Redmond
I liked a @YouTube video from @coraltv http://youtu.be/3D4QuXkMEgs?a The Edgy Veg: Post-Workout SmoothieMaryAnne Wendt
Please subscribe to Coral on YouTube. Our Women’s Lifestyle Channel is almost at 1,000 subscribers!
Hey, have you subscribed to @CoralTV yet? Channel is growing! Almost 1,000 subscribers! Go now -> http://youtube.com/coralCASIE STEWART
I love ep. of Candice’s show The Edgy Veg. 
The Edgy Veg: Sweet Potato & Kale Saladthecoralchannel
I finally get to meet Sarah Lynn tomorrow. Her show Domestic Geek give you household tips & tricks. 
The Domestic Geek: Testing Bleach Alternatives!thecoralchannel

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