TIFF: Guest Starring on Edgy Veg, Birks Jewellers Suite, The Iceman Film

Yep, TIFF is still in full force for the next few days. Doesn’t it seem like forever?


Wore a cute outfit yesterday. Schoolgirl skirt is hand painted by Beaucoup Fashion House, Vans ‘Sophie’ shoes, shirt was a gift, Nella Bella Avalon bag.

Went uptown to shoot w/ Candice for her show on Coral TV, The Edgy Veg. She made a delicious face mask and slopped it on me. The episode comes out Thursday so make sure you subscribe to Coral by then. There is lots of laughing in this one. Then we eat the mask.


I was invited to the beautiful Birks Jewellers suite in the new Shangri-La hotel to preview the new Muse collection. It was diamond heaven! Thanks to Fiji Water & Birks for having me. It was a nice break in the afternoon. Glass of champagne at 3pm really takes the edge off!


I loved the rings, especially the costume huge ones and the Canadian double diamond leaf. The ombre pearls are also incredibly beautiful. Perhaps I can borrow for a huge event sometime? Hint, hint. Besos to the team for my gift, feeling the love!


Saw the film ‘The IceMan‘ with Barbie in the evening. It was excellent. Michael Shannon is an incredible actor. There was a star studded cast including Ray Liotta, Winona, James Franco, and Chris Evans. They were all there after to talk about the film. Seeing the actors in real life really makes you appreciate their hard work, talent, and career.  There is another screening today at noon. If you can make it to the Rush Line, go. You will be glad you did. Details here.


This afternoon I’m catching the Bill Murray film Hyde Park on Husdon then scooting over to Jean Machine to be styled for an outfit for the Festival Music House this evening.

Exciting times! Have a wonderful day. Call someone and tell them you love them.


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