the internet is a new human experience

“lions and tigers used to be kings of the jungle & then one day they wound up in zoos – i suspect we’re on the same track”

Josh Harris (internet entrepreneur/ we live in public)

Woke up with the plan to read these  magazine and once again, I find myself sharing on the internet, blog, twitter etc. I just accepted 269 friends on Foursquare. Happy stalking.

These photos are taken with Retro Camera on my Motorola Milestone android smart phone device.

I decided to watch We Live in Public again on Netflix. Have you seen it? I wrote about it when I first wathced, it’s a documentary about the internet. Fascinating to me, honestly. I highly suggest you give it a watch.

This is my fav breakfast w/ coffee: plain butter croissant.

Hawaii is in the BMW Ultimate Blogger contest. This is so perfect for him. When I read the contest I was like, “Whoa, Hawaii needs to enter this stat.” Click the photo to vote for him, he loves/lives BMW.

These are some entries in my Freestyle Friday contest I posted yesterday. Prize is a sexy new phone from Motorola Canada on Rogers, winner chosen Monday. 

Each creative pic links to the person who made it. Thanks guys!

Super easy to enter: write/type on something, take a pic, upload to internet., link in comments here. Enter NOW!

Really looking forward to my workout at The Motion Room today. Happy Saturday!


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