No. If you ask to ‘pick my brain’ that is your answer.

Student, charity? Sure. I’m a nice girl. BUT, if you are a professional, a big company, an agency, a brand, a beer, a burger co., an app, a toy, a product, a service, and you operate on currency, don’t ask to pick my brain.  We can chat about an idea, you can call me for advice on, or run something past me in an email. Totally cool. Sometimes I brainstorm over lunch, brunch, and sometimes I really get creative after beers. As Harlan Ellison says “cross my palms with silver and you can use my essay“, ideas in this case.

I think it’s the actual TERM that drives me mental. It’s basically saying “give me your ideas so I can use them”.  If you are asking someone for advice, it’s because you value their opinion. An amature will give you their ideas for free but a professional’s ideas are what you really want.  Forbes posted a great article and if someone ever asks to pick your brain, you should send it to them.

Please don’t use that expression. It’s my biggest pet peeve aside from people calling me CASSIE. It’s happened at least twice in emails today. My email is CASIE@CASIESTEWART.COM How can you get my name wrong?! Doh.

In other news…!!!!!!!!!!


Do You Believe in Magic?

I do.


But you have to create it.

You have to build it.

Manufacture it.
The means of production are all yours.
Open the doors to the factory inside your mind.
Let it all out. Let it spill over the sides of everything and flood the basement.

Build a house out of it.

Build a life.
A magical life to live.



Circadian Rythm, Reflective Clothing

Cleaning up my office today was so good. I’m BACK! Made sewing corner and set up my sewing machine. I call her Zoey and its really about time we spent some time together. I have some patterns I’vebeen dying to make and this is the perfect time. There are so many simple things in style I could make and heaps of DIYs on the web.


Note on paper says this probably was written a year ago, fitting for today. Title of post was scribbled on the paper too. I don’t know the significance. I have a bad memory.

It’s cold outside,
Wanna stay warm,
Wind whipping my windows,
Winding my thoughts,
Whirl wind, words spin

I always wrap things around my head. I like my head covered. I like the way it feels. Thinking about wearing a gorgeous vintage silk turban tonight.


This is one of my old favourite quotes by the best Dr. around.This almost blank notepad was uncovered when I excavated office junk mountain. It’s amazing the treasures you find cleaning!


Must get ready & find something to wear tonight. Lauren and I are going to the Future of Art & Music warehouse party, ‘FOAM. It’s at Brickworks and there are all kinds of art, music, food & beverage things going on. Lozzie Pops did her first segment on the news for CBC today. I woke up early to catch her. So cute. Fav person on Canadian TV.

“Conversations With Myself”

I’m tempted to write a memoir with this title about my life and the past seven years blogging. I started April 2005, first on myspace, then blogger, then Tumblr, Posterous, and WordPress. Throw all the other platforms into the mix and there has been lots of change in how content is shared and how I personally deliver my stories to the world.

It started out as a dairy, a place to keep my memories and back then, I never even imagined it would turn into a career and open up all the doors it has. One of my favourite posts is “A Blog is An Engine” from February 5th, 2010.

“A blog is an engine and behind that blog is a person. There, in that very chair,  sits a  person with bounds of creativity. The type of creativity that you can not ever imagine because it is unimaginable to your mind. It creates.  By the time you are reading this the engine has worked twice as fast,  faster.  The engine is moved by some type of driver and the engine has many tools. It employs services to work as engines in order to make it grow.

The production must try to keep up with the mind yet the creativity, it DOES NOT STOP.  It flows and drives and moves and the more it makes the more it has for it is infinite.”

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a book for a while. I wrote my first book at 16 and became a published Canadian Author so if I could do it then I can SURELY do it now. I strongly feel that the more creativity I let out, the more I let it flow the more I have.  There’s lots going on but that only motivates me MORE to do the things I dream of.

Infinitely creative,


 * photos by Kelly Krushel

deliberately undeveloped literary fragments



Tried marble nails last night. Need practice.
Didn’t blog yesterday. First day off in ages.
Made cabbage soup. Hope to drop a few LBs.
Slept funny on shoulder. It’s hurting now.
Have lots of meetings this week. Work is good.
Looks relatively warm outside. Sun is shining.
Might clean my room today. Probably not likely.
Feeling rather artistic. Breakfast with my sketchbook.
Heart’s a little empty. Missing you a bit.
Time to make coffee. Have a wonderful day.



If not now, when?

Ask yourself this every single day. 

I’m sitting in the Boston Logan Airport lounge listening to music and soaking up as much free wifi as a girl can. I got to thinking about life and goals and what I dreamed of doing and where I’m going. Not like, back to Toronto but where am I really going? I think January is a time everyone does that introspective look into their life and wonders, what am I doing? It’s probably also why people get sad and maybe have breakdowns! Last year in January I considered giving up blogging and getting a 9-5 job. I’m really glad I didn’t. 

The last two years have been filled with all kinds of things I only ever dreamed would happen. How did I get to do them? How did I make them a reality? I feel inspired to tell you today.

When I was in Australia at Uni (2004 & pre-blog) I often felt homesick. I missed my sister terribly and everyone from home seemed light years away. One fine day I went to a bookstore in search of  ‘something’ that would give me guidance or direction or make me feel better.  I picked up The Power of Kabbalah by Yehuda Berg, a book that claimed to be ‘technology for the soul’. I went home and read it cover to cover in one sitting, staying up all night, moving from couch to bed to floor until it was finished.  I was not raised religious and this book wasn’t about that at all. It was about the power of the universe and creating the life you wanted.  It was spiritual wisdom. It helped me realize that I could have everything I ever wanted. It helped me understand that I already did.

As I embarked on this journey of self-discovery (I know how gay that sounds but it is true) I started to change how I thought about things. I’ve always been fairly positive but I really shifted my consciousness to see the light in every situation. By making this change I opened up a whole new realm of my life to accept positivity and my life began to change, for the better. I started writing things down, setting clear goals and striving to surround myself with inspiring people.

I learned something during that time that has stuck with me much longer than the red Kabbalah string on my wrist. It’s a quote by Hillel the Elder and it really inspired me. It’s been adopted by lots of people & things over history including the song “If not now, when?” by Incubus. I ask myself this every single day…

If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

If I am not for others, what am I?

And if not now, when?

Paint a positive picture of your future and go for it. There is nothing holding you back or standing in your way. Your life is your movie and you are the director. Go out there and GET IT. It’s TIME.

I used to write all the time and this year I’m going to write more. Next up on the blog is goal setting and people who positively influence me. I meant to write ‘block’ in that sentence but typed blog instinctively. The blog becomes you, I swear!  Time to catch up on my Young & the Restless and fly home.

Love & light my friends, 


* photo by Taylor Jackson at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada 2012