Write It Down


I’m ready. I’ve always been ready but now I feel it in my bones. The last few days have been filled with excitement, creativity, and I’m stoked about life. I took an adventure into a few notebooks I’ve scribbled in from the stack beside my bed, I was reminded how much I truly love writing. When I was 15 I wrote and published  an anthology of poetry & prose and I never really stopped. I’m keen to have a book written by December 1, 2012. I’m writing it down & telling you to make it real. 


In other news, while I was Googling myself in Google Books I found out that BRIAN SOLIS mentioned me in his book “The End of Business as Usual“. I have blogged about him a few times and I love his work. Smart man. My credit in Dear Photograph also came up. I’m taking that as a sign I’m on the RIGHT TRACK baby!


There Are No Walls in This Office

I said to myself as I peeked out from behind my computer. There are no walls in this office. I looked up. Looked around. Ideas floating freely between the trees and with a fresh haircut feeling quite fresh in general. A rain drop lands on the touchpad. There’s a faint sound of a boy guitar while a girl reads a book and spins a hula on her hips. (It’s quite amazing really.) The breeze is cool for the first time in days and I wish I had a sweater. In any other season this would feel warm.

 Another rain drop. Bugger.

This office has no walls but it has no roof either.

overalls, H&M, top  American Apparel, hair Darren Kwik Studio, Rimmel lipstick

No. If you ask to ‘pick my brain’ that is your answer.

Student, charity? Sure. I’m a nice girl. BUT, if you are a professional, a big company, an agency, a brand, a beer, a burger co., an app, a toy, a product, a service, and you operate on currency, don’t ask to pick my brain.  We can chat about an idea, you can call me for advice on clarity.fm, or run something past me in an email. Totally cool. Sometimes I brainstorm over lunch, brunch, and sometimes I really get creative after beers. As Harlan Ellison says “cross my palms with silver and you can use my essay“, ideas in this case.

I think it’s the actual TERM that drives me mental. It’s basically saying “give me your ideas so I can use them”.  If you are asking someone for advice, it’s because you value their opinion. An amature will give you their ideas for free but a professional’s ideas are what you really want.  Forbes posted a great article and if someone ever asks to pick your brain, you should send it to them.

Please don’t use that expression. It’s my biggest pet peeve aside from people calling me CASSIE. It’s happened at least twice in emails today. My email is CASIE@CASIESTEWART.COM How can you get my name wrong?! Doh.

In other news…!!!!!!!!!!


Do You Believe in Magic?

I do.


But you have to create it.

You have to build it.

Manufacture it.
The means of production are all yours.
Open the doors to the factory inside your mind.
Let it all out. Let it spill over the sides of everything and flood the basement.

Build a house out of it.

Build a life.
A magical life to live.