toronto life on the wild side

If you subscribe to Toronto Life magazine, I arrived in your mail box last night.

I’ve not seen it yet but it’s out there….I got a twitpic from ModernMod.

The article is about Cityplace the new-ish downtowen area where I’ve lived for the last two years. They chose a few people connected to the area to chat about living there and the lifestyle.

They mentioned my rent (which is pretty easy to find out anyways) and that I was a Sunshine girl.  I hope my copy arrives today.

Go get yours this week!

holiday heart on and maybe a date tomorrow

I’m feeling really happy. Like happier than usual and I’m usually a happy girl. I’m excited to see all the Tweeps at GenyTO tonight. I’m going to meet people face to face that I know from twitter. I’m dressing up like an elf and helping out all night.

We’re going away for the holidays to a hot sunny place.  Also going to a friends fashion show in NY in two weeks. There are lots of things happening with my blogs and I fee like my work is starting to pay off. I’ve set new goals. My job is going well. Tuesday was one month at MuchMTV and I feel really great about it. I love the people and what I’m doing. I followed my passion and stuck at what I love and now it’s my job. I get excited thinking about what the next year will bring.  I’m letting my mind wander and aiming high!

Thank you for encouraging me and reading my blog. I love going back and reading it and I love your comments. Don’t be shy, I’m certainly not 🙂

the world is a crazy place

and i can’t sleep.

i want to work twenty-four-seven and not get tired.

i want to. i do.

then i want to turn it all off and not work for days.

social shift work; few days on few days off.

plug in, tune out.

lean my head back on your couch and not worry about it.

have a smoke and a glass of wine.

………………………………………………………..then sleep.

you make me happy when skies are grey

Woke up to a beautiful sunshine this morning. It doesn’t matter what happens in the day if I wake up and see a beautiful sunrise, I’m happy. It’s just so pretty.

Remember when I posted about Movember? How are your faces growing? Good? Nasty? I hope you’ve got those babies groomed cause this Mo Sista is a JUDGE at the Toronto Movember Gala at the Kool Haus. Starts at 8pm, be there and find me if you want to win a prizey-prize.

One of my Tweeps Gregory Alan Elliott told me he left a poem for me somewhere downtown and if I found it I win a  prize. Is this it? Did i find it? Ooooh me loves prizes!

I’ve written lots of poems. Did you know that when I was 16 I wrote and published an Anthology of Poetry and prose called JEANS [sorry it’s not online anywhere yet, I was still a book/pen/pencil girl]. A friend and I started a publishing company and then won young entrepreneur of my city. Fancy that! This is one of my most favorites, I wrote it at 7am walking along Bondi Beach in 2004. Enjoy & have a wonderful day!

As the waves crashed on the shore
the wind washed them away
And was I walked along the sand
I felt I could not stray
For I was walking towards the sun
And it was a brand new day

a day in the life of me by: casie

Americano & apple fritter. Sit down at desk. Turn on TV. Login to computer. Open Firefox. Brizzly and four Twitter accounts. Facebook; work and personal. Check email. Check  site stats. Watch Lady Gaga. I love you.

Message Twitter. Update the Facebook. Check messages. Friday & Saturday conference. Sunday family. Not tired today. Had a good sleep with you. Thanks. Apple fritter could be fresher but coffee is divine. It’s raining but no wellies.

Circa for lunch to hang with Richard Branson. Tomorrow night’s dinner with Jeff and Justin Trudeau.

I’m happy to be alive and excited about my life. Sounds like something Dr. Phil would say, haha.

Have a great day.

wake me up before you…AGO

It’s been a while. I’ve been thinking about you.

Tall walls tower over me and windows  touch the sky. Old looks from familiar faces in many rooms in many places. You stare, I stare.

We stare at each other and we stare at the walls.

I heard you’ve got some new guys, living there, renting spaces. Putting on shows in the stairwells.

Do you miss me? Do you miss me and my sneaky flash, trying to capture your beauty.

Lost in the walls of my mind. New thoughts dance in my memories.

I’m a member at The Art Gallerty of Ontario (AGO) and I’d like to GO-GO. Soon, really soon. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe at lunch.

I stumbled across these babies and I likey their stylio. I like the pretty pictures.

1)  My name is Niki, I get to pretend I am 23 everyday. I am from the wrong side of the tracks.

2)  I”m Cindy. I’m young and I live in a town that always rains. I can be really sarcastic sometimes.

3) Carly cut it off and it’s cotton candy tasty pink.

4)  Gaga go-g0’s on Gossip Girl

“The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.”

— Dennis S. Brown