Weekend Tune: “Taking It Down” & Happy Endings NYE

Happy New Years Eve! 2012! How will you be ringing in the new year? Taking it chill or doing it up?


As for Casie and I, we plan on having a time at Happy Endings NYE Dim Sum King bash with the Mansion crew! Champagne! Chinese Lion Dancers! $5 Dim Sum Platters! Lobsters!


And did I mention the music line up? It’s kinda insane. Canblaster, Brenmar, MYD, Gingy, and more! In honour of the awesomeness that will be tonight here’s Brenmar’s “Taking It Down” for your enjoyment. We’ll be partying extra hard, just in case the world really does end. Might as well go out with a bang right?

Click on the image for ticket deets and follow @wearemansion on the Twitter. Hope to see you there!
xo Kate

Weekend Tune: “Snow” from White Christmas

Happy merry everything everyone! Tis the season to be jolly and all that, so here’s my favourite song from a favourtie holiday film of mine. Enjoy Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen singing about snow in White Christmas! I know the weather has been quite nice but how lovely would some snow be?!


xo Kate

Weekend Tune: “Born To Die” by Lana Del Rey

Hey hey hey! Weekend tune time! This week I decided to post the latest video from the oh so talked about Lana Del Ray. Here’s her deal…

Once upon a time there was a shy girl named Lizzy Grant with blonde hair, a pretty voice, and dreams of being a star. Then she met some industry types, and her lips magically grew as big as her dreams. Before you knew it that shy indie girl with the pretty voice became latest hipster hottie! And who doesn’t dig Video Games?

Whether you love or hate this manufactures hipster pop star, you gotta admit that this music video for “Born To Die” and Miss.Lizzy/Lana are both pretty amazing. Tigers and tattoos and fire oh my!

xo Kate

Weekend Tune: “Comme Un Enfant” by Yelle

Bonjour everyone! Bon weekend!  Is toi reasy for this week’s tune? Je will give toi une hint. C’est some French electro-pop ….It’s Yelle with “Comme Un Enfant” off her second album Safari Disco Club! There’s lots of the cute fashiony pixie surrounded in pink in the video, and je love it.  Let’s have une dance party!

xo Kate

Weekend Tune: “I Feel It All” by Feist

It’s December now! Whhhaaaaaaaaattt?! Yeah. I know. Crazy. Get ready for the snow and cold everybody (unless you’re somewhere sunny in which case enjoy the sun you lucky duck)! Luckily for us there are also weekends in December! So here’s our very first December weekend tune!

Just this past Thursday night Feist played Toronto’s Massey Hall and I was oh so excited to be there. She played a bunch of her new album Metals as well as a hearty handful of her older well loved songs. About one thrid into her set a bunch of people got on stage to dance along, including myself! After the dance party was over people started to leave the stage but Feist said we could stay and chill if we wanted to, so for the rest of the show a bunch of us sat down on stage around Feist and her band campfire style! I still get goosebumps just thinking about it! Crazy right?

The entire night made me feel…well… it made me feel it all! So here’s Feist with “I Feel It All”! Feel free to dance along!

xo Kate

In CASE you didn’t know, Kate has a blog too.

Have you checked Kate’s blog katekillet.com? It’s full of tasty blog snacks w/ musical flavour. She’s the Queen of Music at casiestewart.com who started as an intern in March and is now my PA who helps with all kinds of things.


Kate and I met when we both worked for MuchMusic & MTV Canada then I snagged her to work with me! She covers events I can’t attend, joins me to snap pix and helps me accomplish a super-human amount of tasks in a day (like today). She also has good style.

Kate picks & posts the weekly tune here each Friday (Weekend tunes). She’s all up on what’s new & cool in music (hence why I hired her) but if you have something so hip not even the hipsters know about it, send her a Tweet.  If you see Kate at an event say HI! You will love her.

Toady she introduced me to the Florence cover of Take Care by Drake & Riri. So good. THANK YOU!