the kiwi girl was in the kitchen again

Last night I made a nice dinner. I really love cooking. I don’t talk about it much because I’m not a food blogger. I hate talking about what I eat. Not fun to me so I don’t do it often. However, last night…
It was lovely. Today I went to the AGO again. I was alone and I took a very introspective view. I only looked at things I like the most and for only as long as I felt like. It is a very free feeling. I had my Moleskine and pencil, camera, the important stuff. I got a picture of one of my favorite guys, but I’m nervous to post it.

one of my favorite ones

This is a photo of one of my pieces I did with pastels. It is called ‘Strike Out in a Different Direction‘. It is full of light, energy, attraction, fire & passion. This is one of my most expensive ones because I like it the most. I think I will keep forever, unless an offer comes along I can not resist!! I’m planning on doing some painting this weekend. Looks like rain is on its way and thatinspires me to make art.

The Brightest Light in My Life – Mum

On the weekend I spent a lovely day with Mum. She has just returned from New Zealand and brought back some treats. I feel quite lucky because she managed to find and bring back some of her old clothes for us. I got a great dress she made (yes, made) when she was about 15 as well as a gorgeous leather belt. She brought my sister back a pair of her old boots that are totally rad. Mum found some old photos of herself, she is so cool and has always been a stylish young lady!One of the things I really miss about NZ are the treats. There are so many wonderful things to enjoy! Mum packed up a goodie bag for us each! Yum yum!We stopped into Lahore Tikka House for lunch. The food was fantastic as usual. However, they are using Styrofoam plates and cups which I find to be wasteful and horrible for the environment. Maybe they will change this behavior? I did see the following things that I found to be amusing:Note the handwritten sign stating that you can have a “piece of history” by purchasing an Obama t-shirt. Nice.
This needs no explanation except for “ha ha”. Have a great day!

fashionable by choice

Last night I went to the Escada fashion show at the Spoke Club. It was fun. The clothes were nice. Nothing stood out to make me REALLY excited. The models were skinny as usual. It was really nice to be at the Spoke again after such a long winter. It made me excited for summer! I saw familiar faces including Tony Charr, Julian & Derek.

We had a really nice time. Our bartender was making these lovely cocktails with fresh crushed raspberries. It was delicious.

Escada Toronto Fashion Week 2009 from Casie Stewart on Vimeo. I made a mistake on this video and the audio is longer than necessary. Forgive, for I am only a human!

canadian family you say, ma?

I just had a long chat with Mum who just returned from New Zealand. I miss it. I want to go back there so bad. She told me a story about the very tip of the North Island called Cape Reinga. It is so very beautiful. She said that New Zelander’s (The Kiwi’s!) are very creative and they place much of attention & value on the arts and artsy things. That makes me feel awesome.

the worlds largest untapped resource

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. “It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women.” I had a soak in the hot tub and thought about women who have inspired me to be strong & confident. Women that have helped me define myself by what I have learned from them and their experiences. I am truly blessed to have had some wonderful women around me since a very young age.
The most inspiring, strong, unique women of them all is my Mum. She is visiting my awesome family in New Zealand. Lots of love to the family ♥. I think of New Zealand as an untapped resource too, the Maoris hanging out at Rotorua geothermal, the long drive out to Grandad’s Batch.