it has its benefits

I realized this morning as I put on my new vibrating mascara followed by my unreleased Givenchy fragrance that blogging really does have its benefits. Mum reminds me sometimes.  I’m always thinking about the next step. Last year I got a heap of cool jazz. Last night I got invited to Dermologica thanks to Marie from I left with a whole skin care routine specific to what I like/need to make my face look extra lovely. It’s fun to meet other bloggers and this time it was all girls who were all very nice. Camera2 I’m excited to see where this bloggy takes me, it’s growing and I’m having lots of fun writing it. I’m also thankful for the opportunities it’s given me! I like going back and reading crazy thoughts that came out of my head and I often wonder “what was I thinking?”. It’s part of the fun of having a crappy memory!  Sometimes when I have a bad day or feel like crap it’s comments from you that completely change my mood and make me smile. Thanks for reading it.

The new Wired just arrived at my desk…it’s a good day.

when amanda came home she inspired me

It had been over a year since I got back and Amanda had just returned from her year in Perth. She learned something while away that inspired her and she wrote it on this little piece of papaer that I keep sticking around as I move from place to place.


It says:

“The moment of reckless abandon where you lean back and laugh at the simplicity & absurdity of everything…the moment when you so fully realize it doesn’t get and better than right now”


Isn’t she just the cutest thing. I like the way I feel when I read it, as if each breath and moment is to be savored and cherished before it’s gone and you move to the next.

I took this video this morning on my way in. So happy I don’t have to battle any traffic.

morning traffic in toronto filmed by me on Vimeo.

palmerston is beautiful on both sides

I’ve find that biking is toning up my beach body.  This is really nice considering I hate the gym. It gives me anxiety. I’m lucky to have these super mutant-like muscles that when I do any exercise I get almost instant results. minibike Yesterday I was biking to Yorkville for #wiredwedTO and took back streets. Didn’t have helmet on, sorry Mum. Will pick it up this evening just for you. I rode down Palmerston Boulevard, one the most beautiful and truly one of my favorites. minibike3Most of the houses on Palmerston Boulevard were built between 1903 and 1910. It’s a nice one to bike on and there’s hardly any cars. I like it because of the trees and the houses and because a bunch of my family live in Palmerston North, New Zealand.  ‘Young heart, easy living’ they call it.minibike2Palmy (as the Kiwi’s call it) is a very beautiful city north of the capital, Wellington, in the eastern part of the Manawatu Plains, and close to the northern bank of the Manawatu River. I love it there. They have lots of windmills and rolling hills that is absolute bliss. You can see them from the back yard at Nana’s old house where Mum grew up. It’s really pretty.minibike-palmy1

she was happy dancing with her arms over head

Drum circle happens every week during the summer. It goes down at Cherry Beach one week than Trinity Bellwoods the next. I usually only go to TBP because it’s closer than the beaches.  I love it.  There are lots of mad hippies dancing. There are also lots of skid kids too.


We moved our home-base-blanket around a few times to avoid the dirty kids from contaminating us. One time a kid puked while sitting in front of us and we picked up shop like nomads and moved in NO time.


My favorite is being in the middle of the circle dancing with my arms flailing around. There is something magical about the connection between the music and the people all being brought together in an open space .  When it gets really hot out there’s more girls & boys with their shorts and shoes off dancing.


There is drinking and smoking in the park  all around.  We saw a couple of kids chasing each other around with McCain pies and tossing them at each other. What are kids doing these days you ask? That I guess. There were hundreds of people there. You can hear the beating of the drums as you approach the pit in the park, I love that sound!

Drum Circle #001 2009 from moi on Vimeo.

this is sadie, she spins fire from me again on Vimeo.

There’s fire spinning too. Some nights there is lots of fire spinning!! This girl was really good she was doing the hula-fire-hoop and poi’s at the same time. I’m not even going to try that, I’m waaaay to accident prone. Overall, stellar time. Absolutely stellar.


my most popular

Today I checked to check out some of the stats about my Twitter interactions. I learned that I tweet about 22.6 times each day. I’m sure it’s quite a bit more from Monday to Friday cause I take breaks on the weekend to actually DO fun stuff to tweet about.This is a Wordle of my tweets. The biggest word is what I use the most and that is LOVE. Second biggest deal, @erin_bury.

thanks for snowing on my day

It’s April.
It snowed last night today. I’m ready for winter to just go away! It makes me feel grumpy and grouchy and cold. It makes my bones feel old. It turns my smile upside down. The grass is looking white and brown.
I used to live here and I want to go back. Get me a ticket, I’m ready to pack! Bondi I miss you, I think you miss me too