can’t stop the hurt inside when love and plates collide

Yesterday I was going for coffee I found this in the elevator. It was just sitting there, a tag from an article of clothing made in Japan. Red, skulls, mastermind.

To me, it was a sign that I need to do something. A bunch of us are planning #JapanQuakeTO, a fundraiser to be held March 31st. All proceeds donated to Red Cross in support of those affected by the latest destruction in Japan. If you would like to get involved with donations or anything, please let me/us know.

Knife Toronto is donating proceeds this weekend to Red Cross. Located on Queen Street near Bathurst.

Found this infographic really interesting, click to see in large form. Where will the next quake strike? Here’s lookin’ at you California. Weather & natural disasters are so crazy, fascinating, destructive, powerful.

Also kinda interesting is that on Thursday night before I went out to Puma Social I Tweeted this:

I have always wanted to go to Japan and the day after I tweeted that, destruction happened. My reasons for wanting to go have completely changed now. If I go it will be for relief efforts, not to ‘be big in Japan’. Amazing how a few hours can change so much.

Last night I went to see Morgan play at Supermarket in Kensington for Canadian Music Week/Fest.

He was good. I like his song ‘Let It Go’. Keep up the great work Morgan. Hope you have a really great day. I’m working in fundraising for JapanQuakeTO & a couple other things.


P.S. Love design for JapanQuakeTO is complete and the site will be live soon with a link to get tickets etc. I am so proud to live in a city of so many great people that we can pull together like this in a time of need. YES WE CAN!


  1. March 13, 2011 / 8:47 pm

    So you are going to Japan for the Fundraising, or just after to apply the “Funds” ?

    • March 13, 2011 / 8:49 pm

      it i go to Japan it will be to help people!!

      • March 13, 2011 / 8:52 pm

        Ok, gottcha…misunderstanding. Obviously…the fundraising done here, and do it for sure…go…they could use your love right now 🙂

    • March 14, 2011 / 11:59 pm

      thanks Michael. I’ll find something for you to help with!

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