shining right down on me

I biked  the boardwalk trail this morning beside the Lake. So brilliant the sun was shining down on me. The temperature as I left the house was already over 14 degrees and the clouds cleared shortly after 8am.


This is my favorite mug. I’ve had it since I was little kid. It’s Care Bears and says “Make the most of every good thing”, I think that’s a pretty good philosophy. I loved Care Bears, used to watch at 8am before school.


I woke up extra early, about 6:30. Something about summer mornings  makes me jump out of bed fleeing alive and ready to take on the day. Love this picture.  I often look out and see whats happening with this massive boat, its usually nothing, but it doesn’t mind me staring.


Very busy today. Catering brought Penne a la vodka w/ chicken and it’s so yummy. Eating at desk and then going for coffee to draw cartoons of this guy and this girl.

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