Make Time For Yourself

You only live each day once, tomorrow is a new day. How are you spending your time? 

A few months ago I was feeling really burnt out and over everything. I had no energy to go out, write, do anything creative. May was a really stressful month and by the time June/July rolled around I was stressed TF out. All I wanted to do was stay home, watch Netflix, my room was a mess, I’d piled up boxes and paper that needed to be processed. I didn’t have the energy to do it.

So I rested. I took time to chill. I’m grateful for the privilege to mostly work from home, to work on myself, and to breathe. I started spending a bit less time on asocial, taking breaks. I began to really love seeing the + beside my name on IG Stories, showing I hadn’t posted anything in 24 hours. That felt like a win with me. I’ve been updating the internet for 15+ years about my life and what I’m doing, burnout is real and it’s ok to take a break. I thought about what I wanted (even though I’m constantly trying to figure out exactly what that looks like!) and I focussed on it.

Made some other changes too. I got serious about drinking less and explored being sober curious. I even spoke at an event where I shared some stuff I’ve never talked about. I was hesitant at first but I figure, if I can make this change in my life, it might be helpful to someone else going through the same things. It was the first TIFF in 10 years where I didn’t get drunk, I didn’t even drink at parties. And y’ know what? IT WAS AWESOME AND I STILL HAD FUN.

I started intermittent fasting and stopped the late-night snacks. I’d been stress eating at all hours but the night munchies before bed were making me slow and tired during the day. I started going to bed earlier. Drinking more water, eating more plant-based meals. I cook on weekends. It’s been a gradual life change vs a diet or restrictions. I want to live happier and healthier. Today I fit into a pair of Ted Baker pants that have been in my closet for years, they’re a size 2!

So, here I am three months later and I can say, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! Over the next few months, I’m planning to up my exercise to combat the winter SAD. Sean has been running every day and it’s really inspiring.

I guess my message is you can make a change any single day, you don’t have to wait for a new year, new month, new moon. September always feels like a new start for me. I like to make a plan to work on over the winter so I have things to look forward to in the spring. Change is good, baby.

New Chloe Glasses from!

On a side note, I ordered these glasses from and was telling one of my BFFs that I got them. I’d been looking at them for a while but she didn’t know that. She had recently just purchased a pair of Chloe glasses in Germany (that I hadn’t seen) and guess what, they were the SAME ONES! Ha! She’s the kind of friend where we are always doing the same things without knowing. Little things like this give me so much joy. ?

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