your green eyed monster is showing and it looks lousy

“Funny..because in the word “Jealousy”, there’s lousy. I think the reason why some people get jealous is because they’re not content or they want to experience what you experienced. Jealousy is when you get jealous because s/he went to this awesome place, it’s when s/he has a freakin amazing cool better version gadget, it’s when you wish you have what they have, it’s when you cry over your mommy or daddy because your friend has an ice cream and you don’t, it’s when the guy/girl in your dreams love someone else, it’s when blah blah blah. I think you get it. It’s sounds so silly, isn’t it? But you know it’s all true. I think being jealous is normal but sometimes jealousy can turn into madness that turns into an obsession that turns into “I’m fucked.” via walrusowl on tumblr

Recently I saw someone acting out of what can only be explained as jealousy. I’d heard a few things she’s said then she threw a couple jabs here and there and I was “wtf is up, I thought we were friends”.  The most disappointing was the way she started acting, then after seemed to be nicey-nice again.  I don’t get it and I refuse to waste my time trying to understand. You live and learn I guess.

We’ve all seen Mean Girls and we all remember highschool when girls act mean just because you’re doing well. What I don’t get, is how people don’t relize that negative thoughts and feelings become things and in the end  you are only hurting yourself making yourself look stupid. I really wanna send those people a GET WELL SOON card.

I LOVE seeing people around me do well. I tell my friends to call me when something exciting happens, I say “you can always brag to me“. I’m inspired by the people around me, that’s part of the reasons we’re friends in the first place. Duh! You can email me something awesome anytime, I’ll respond. Sometimes it’s hard to share with friends cause you know they wont be as happy for you as your Mum would. I will.

I had so much fun working/partying with the girls this weekend. It was refreshing to be around four babes that blog and tweet like you do, we all ‘get it’. It was never rude to be tweeting or texting while talking and there was the sound of a camera every few mins. I loved it.

I’m stoked for our next blondevoyage. Until then, rock on and have an awesome day.


  1. JessIreland
    August 9, 2010 / 6:39 pm

    oooh the jealousy monster. has happened to me with friends. they throw in a snarky jab and you're left standing there thinking, “Well I thought it was cool!” these type of people should just avoided. they usually know when they're doing it and figure it out. or they're douchebags. either way, it's way more fun just to have a good time and forget about them 🙂 thanks for writing on this!

  2. Kaarin
    August 9, 2010 / 6:57 pm

    I love the “you can always brag to me” policy. Love love it. I have learned the “success / joy” test is a great way to figure out if someone is a true friend. (And something we can ask ourselves if we are getting jealous!) Do they want you to succeed? Do they want the best thing(s) for your life? Do they take joy in your joy? Then that person is a friend indeed!

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