i think i’m ready to move on with someone new #mobile

Construction season. Looking forward to winter, as much as I don’t like being cold, I love staying inside where it’s warm and working on things. A blog makeover is coming. If you have any suggestions in design or functionality, LMK. (Mum, that’s “met me know”)

This weekend I started testing out a new phone, HTC Status. I’ve had one HTC before but I’ve been hooked on Motorola Androids for the last year at least. This new HTC unit has a front facing camera (yay) but no flash (boo). It has a full keyboard and looks like a Blackberry but the touch screen is a bit small. The DEFY I had previous was sturdy and had a good camera but sometimes it would be slow & freeze when typing. Of all the Androids I’ve tried, the Motorola Milestone was my fav. We were such good friends.

Things that are most imoprtant to me in a phone are good camera, flash, easy to type, Google sync contacts, email accounts, favourite apps (WordPress, Twitter etc). Nice to have are front facing camera, video editing and dual core processor. I could never go back to blackberry. Cue this song, nice mix. When she was great, I thought she was great.

I was cutting up some broccoli for snack just now and sliced a sharp knife into my right hand middle finger by accident. It’s not that bad but there’s a bit of blood and I’m short one resource when typing. I’ve been thinking heaps about iPhone lately. I can’t stop thinking about it to be honest.

I think I’m ready to move on with someone new and that someone is an iPhone. I’m having a hard time holdingback my feelings.  It’s so natural. ♥ 

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