Take all your problems and rip ’em apart.

When you find an old song you for got then you remember it. So good. Love this one by the White Stripes, Little Acorns. I paused the Y&R so I could listen. Was googling for a girl in a wing suit because the wind suit kinda looks like the CN Tower Edge walk suit and today Mastercard hooked me up with the experience to make it happen in the Spring. I’ve been tweeting I wanna do the Edgewalk since it was invented, last tweet was Oct. 4. The vault was full of vouchers and there was a grand prize of a $10,000 card with a trip to NY or London. I would love to go to New York or London or anywhere.

Countdown gif, hehe.

Mastercard Vault #unlockTO

Base jumping is terrifying & fascinating. I have  bungy  and skydive in line before I try that one.  I found this one crazy/awesome girl, Géraldine Fasnacht, who does mind-blowing wing suit flying. This video get’s intense at  :40 and then my heart drops.

After watching this I got lost in a wingsuit girl TIMEWARP of the the internet. I’ll need to get someone to shoot from by balcony when I do the walk on he Tower.  I can get pretty close with the new lens Olympus sent over.  Omg next week I am going surfing. This week is very chill compared to the last few months. I planned it that way. I want to feel relaxed when I leave for vacation.

In one week I will be here. It does’t seem real yet but I’m trying to imagine. 🙂

* Little acorns, one at a time.  Storing up nuts for the winter. 

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