the loft has some what of an alice in wonderland feeling

 Lauren & I started out at the Loft 404 on Saturday for My City Lives  “One Night in Toronto“. Love that space. Thanks Genna! Have you been there? It’s an “urban oasis”. Reminds me a bit of my Auntie Robyn’s old place somewhere near Ponsonby Road in Auckland, New Zealand.

Loved the photo booth in the old elevator. See part pix on My City Lives FB.

Hadn’t taken my camera out to a party for a week so I brang her along for the night.

Did a brief sting at Wrongbar.

Then back again!

This shot  is for you Dad. Car inside as a table kinda decoration wall mount.

Amira you are RAD  🙂

I played a little tune on the piano and we left to climb through King Street and catch a cab West. We made the walk fabulous before finishing up the night.

Emma you looked fabulous.

King West on Saturday night is so douchey and crazy. Cop everywhere. No taxis.

UwoOxc on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

I usually avoid but this time was unavoidable.

No shoes, no shame. Been there, it sucks.

Ross is back. We missed him.

Lauren blogged some photos on her bloggy here.

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