you are younger today than you will be again. remember that!

Exciting news again today!! This lil’ mama is back on the road. Oh yeah.  My friend/boss from my first job in Toronto had it in storage and after I tweeted “I really need a bike”. She happily to pass it on to me. Thank you!

Bike is a little rusty but we’re getting along great. Took her for a cruise last night to Java, stopped by Gladstone for Tweetgasm Anniversary, visited a friend and cruised home. West End girl, FTW.

Lubed ‘er up with some plant based bike lube from Orontas. Thanks for sending guys! Should probably take it to Curbside for a tuneup this weekend.

Been loving my new Macbook Air BF James Dean. Really looking forward to the weekend so we can really snuggle up and spend some quality time together. It’s going to take some time to make the 100% switch from PC. I’m taking a Mac intro course at Riverdale Mac next month. Thanks for the invite guys! It’s amazing the quality of audio/video/photo difference from my PC. Been testing it out on I love making videos and I love you.

P.S. WHAT IS IT ABOUT BACON GUYS?  “Jesus, how much space on the internet do we need to discuss breakfast meat? haha Natalie Dee you kill me.

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