she told me i should try a leather saddle and i got the plant based lube

You know I love my bike, biking, bicyclette. If you don’t, you might wanna do some homework in the company Bike archives. (Duh, where have you been?)

There she is. She needs a physical, some real attention. Let’s hope she’s gonna make it. Last week I dropped her off to the Curbside Cycle  on Bloor to see if we can bring her back to life.  Fingers crossed!

I was introduced to Curbside after learning they carried the ORONTAS BikeCare line. Orontas is an alternative oil company with “a reckless commitment to do better”.  Their products are biodegradable, petroleum-free and they look nice. Attention bike nerds/hipsters, you should have this stuff already. It just came out Spring 2011.

ORONTAS Plant-Based Lube / BikeCare Cleaner / BikeCare Lubricant / Waterproof Grease

Orontas is a lifestyle maintenance company based in Toronto (cool eh!).  They manufacture and distribute high performance, sustainable and nontoxic products (and tongue twisters). I read on the Curbside Blog that Cervelo uses this stuff.

Make your bike sexy & lube it up with ORONTAS products from Curbside Cycle w/ Plant-Based Lube – $13CAN/300g, BikeCare Cleaner – $14CAN/240ml, BikeCare Lubricant – $14CAN/240ml or the Waterproof Grease – $15CAN/115g.

Hello Pantone family friends.

You are real pretty. I like you.

Hey Michael, bicycle, bicycle!

These bikes are neat. Reminds me of the Marvel Wheelchair.

I have a blog called Nutcase, you probably never heard of it.

Curbside has some really sweet helmets. Deff high in the style department. I have a white bern helmet.

These are my fav helmets Yakkaybrainwear for smart people“.

Only found in Canada at Curbside Cycle.  I mentioned them May 18th, 2009 when you could only order them from the interwebs.  (Early adopter)

I look like a dork here but the helmets have this cute hat covering on them and look cool. See the one behind me there? Once you take off the hat part it’s one of those little black motorcycle helmets.

I like bright things. Lights are good for your bike. Safety is cool. These little lights are $11.99 and you can easily put on/take off  for convenience.

Looking at all this stuff get’s yer gears going, y’know. So many wants. I love my old bike but, imagine a new bike…Pantone yellow I have my eye on you.

m5O9Pe on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Basket = essential. Easily pops on & off  for convenience. Especially convenient when you go to the park or have a basket full of books beers. I suggest getting s sturdy one.

Doesn’t this look nice for your hands? Yup.

Really like this bike. Pashley, original British bike.

Brooks leather saddle. Better for your butt.

Drum breaks.

The light uses a hub dynamo (small electric generator) to power it. Swoooooooooon.

The shop is full of cool gadgets to pimp your ride.

Then a guy came in with this bike he made in welding class. Check this out Dad! So cool.

These are only a few of my fav things. To see for yourself go visit the Curbside Cycle at 412 Bloor Street West or call them 416.920.4933. The staff are all rad people I reckon I would have beers with.


  1. Kmariemclaughlin
    May 13, 2011 / 12:19 pm

     These bikes and their added touches are rad!!! Is the handle on that bike cork? Great idea, hinders the callouses I’d imagine!! LOVE it Casie! 😀 

  2. Kmariemclaughlin
    May 13, 2011 / 12:29 pm

     OMG Casie that’s a perfect helmut solution. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a bike helmut but I can honestly say i’d rock that hat/ helmut combo!! I just might make the trip down there one of these fine days!

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