Duck Hunt, Voting Day, Obama for the Win

Good morning, good morning, and how are you today? I say to myself in a singing voice, just like Mum used to as a kid. I’m wearing the Maison Filipi Duck Hunter Camo Bow Tie I was sent not too long ago.  Actually, it was in the summer but it’s flannel and more appropriate for today’s weather.

After work I’m being interviewed by Cision about Movember. I had to look up my first post about Movember to remind myself how I learned about it. Every blog post is a note to ‘Future Me’. I won’t remember all the details of each day or event twenty years down the road, but I will remember the feeling I had when I read this again for the first time.

Tonight I am going to clean my room and watch the election. Have I told you how much I love my job? Simple things like leaving the house  early, seeing the same people in the morning, dressing up in outfits, morning coffee, fresh air before starting the day, I appreciate everything so much more. I love the work I’m doing. I feel like I could not have planned this all better if I tried. I am incredibly excited for the next year. Sending my love and positive vibes to Obama-Biden today. I really hope he wins. I’ve ben blogging about him since 2008.

HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!  And please, please if you are in the USA, VOTE!


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