In the light of the sun, you shine so bright. You do.

Welcome to my grass patch, glass castle in the sky.


Shopped the Peacock Parade sale yesterday. Got the vest. You like? I love.


There were so many nice things. I realized I have a clothes problem when I looked through the Line Knitwear leathers and found one of my own, the shoes that matched ones I have. I must clean my room. I attempted last weekend but failed. They had a bunch of stuff by Nicole Miller. Remember when her and I were hanging out with Derek in New Zealand? SO fun.


The cafe at the hipster Queen Street Loblaws is great for people watching. It’s also sunny.


Had a second of sadness as the Fashion Television truck drove by. No more FT. I hear the Dare to Wear Love fashion show was on it. A couple people said they saw me. LIFE GOAL, check that one off the Bucket List. Loved that show for over 20 years.


That’s my Tattoo shop beside Shoppers, FY Ink. I’ve got an appointment there tomorrow to get some work on my sleeve done. I’m so incredibly excited. A hot blonde girl is doing it. This is my Sharpie rendition. I always draw them on first, hence why right arm is being done. I’m left handed!


Today & tomorrow is a HUGE Billabong sample sale. It used to be held in the Carpet Factory building in Liberty Village when i worked there and I got heaps of stuff over the years. Good prices, lots of merch. I’ve been wearing Billabong for ages, see all kinds of past outfits here.


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