Day 28: The Bright Side

Remember a couple of weeks ago (Day 19)when I was collecting onion skins for fabric dye? Well, it didn’t really turn out, the colour was a washed-out beige and not very cute. However, I discovered you can dye clothing with turmeric which makes fabric BRIGHT YELLOW. I tested it on this (formerly white) sweater from Superette and it LOOKS AMAZING. I love it so much, this yellow is my favourite colour. ??☀️


I did laundry at home because the washing machine up here has been out of service for a week. On the way back, we stopped at an appliance shop on the highway, which was surprisingly open. The man working came out to the car, and after letting him know what we needed, came back out with the part to fix it. I am so impressed with Sean’s handyman skills, he has now fixed the water, the washing machine, and the plumbing. ❤️

It’s nice to be back.
I cut my bangs a little more.

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