Day 27: Good Friday

Beautiful sunshine today. I’ve been working on some little creative projects to send friends by mail. I spent hours cutting words from magazines and watching romcoms during our first week here. I always loved cut and paste as a kid. I find I’m really going back to basics during this time and doing things I used to love back then.

Had a nice chat with Sean’s parents and my parents. We don’t usually celebrate Easter but it’s nice to checkin with loved ones. I can’t wait to hug friends and family when this is all over!

We drove Emily back to her mum’s house in the city and spent the night at our place. Filled up our water jugs, got any remaining groceries, and some tools. I picked up my sewing machine, patterns, and a bunch of fabric I’ve been holding onto for ages.

I’ve dreamed of having space and time to make things so, I’m trying to make it happen. Not working with a schedule or deadlines, taking each day as its own and creating when the time feels right. Some days I feel inspired and other days I just want to Netflix and relax.

We didn’t do anything in the city other go to the house. We made a plan to head out first thing in the morning. It was nice to be home but I can’t wait to get back to the woods. ?????

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