Looking forward to culture & lifestyle.

It’s been so beautiful out the last couple days.My week has been pretty chilled out which makes me reallllly happy. Everyone needs  a break once in a while. I wasn’t outside for long yesterday but I did have a charming stroll in the sunshine mixed with a few short Bixi rides (thanks Telus).

Was almost ‘unplugged’ all say Sunday while we watched a marathon of movies eating Chinese takeout. Perfect day if you ask me. So good to disconnect once in a while. I’ll be less connected next week but not offline.

Decidedly detoxing right now (sugar, carbs, drinking lots of water) so I’m cleansed & ready for nine full days of surf, sun, sand and yoga starting this weekend. I booked a room in a 1920’s mansion turned hotel for my first night before I get to Anamaya Resort. Yeowwww.

This is going to be me: 

My mouth is watering just thinking about fresh fish, bowls of fruit, salty skin and the smell of the ocean. The more I read about CR, I think I might fall in love.

Pure love. Pura vida!

* Actual Hipster Mermaid wig via Lauren O’Nizzle!


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