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this one time, in new zealand…

I was there for NZ Music Week in the start of May. I was about 18.  I heard this song Sophie by Goodshirt and totally fell in love. I feel in love with lots of things that trip. My sister and I were in the homeland all alone and we made heaps of new friends, one of which I visited last year. (HI KMS!) Love how a song can bring back such fond memories.



Boston’s true luxury experience, The @LenoxHotel

Time for some daydreaming…

About you…

Stopped into Hubba Hubba, a fun shop around the corner from this pretty window.

Then I went o hang out at MIT. This mural is in the basement near washrooms by the main cafeteria.

“I’m at MIT”

They had BLUE Vitamin Water. Yo, O’Nizzle, we need to try that kind. It’s called “Stur-D”

I did not eat these things but people do. The States has some interesting (fatty) snacks.

Havard mixer anyone?

I hung out at MIT & read the paper.

Yeah, yeah I do. Thanks for the lunch date Zuckerberg.

This is pretty neato. Who calls things ‘neat’? Andy Hall, that’s who.

Let me get right in there for a sec. People were looking at me…is this bad luck?

Classic shot of Boston. CITCO is how you find Fenway.

Stayed at The Lenox on Friday night. Super nice hotel. I tweeted them and they never tweeted me back. I hate that. I was hoping they would be like “Oh Ms. Stewart, lovely to have you” (at least). Here is some champagne.

The hotel was super packed with lean people for the Boston Marathon.

Lenox is right at the finish line.

I was quite (pleasantly) surprised to see ipads in several hotels/shops around Boston. Yay for technology.

Ellen & I. The bell boys were all so very nice. Thanks for the hospitality!

Well hello there pretty lady.

More photos to come from heaps of other things I did over the weekend. Have you been to Boston? What are some of your fav things to do there? I will add to my list for next time!



inventional wisdom – a new kind of technical education

Been singing/listening to French music this morning. Lovely to get away but so nice to come home. Do you know this song ‘J’arrive a la Ville’. This video is from a couple years ago, RIP those red Wellies. Klout score is feeling slutty again tday, haha.

Pix are from MIT on Friday. Was great being there, really got my brain kickin’ up into high(er) gear. Heaps to share from my wonderful & relaxing getaway to Boston & the Cape this weekend. Meeting newest intern today and excited to go through more applications & grow the Art Stew Media team. Will pick Textality winner this afternoon.

Have a wonderfully awesome day!


boston besties ILU

En route to brekky then #4sqdaymeetup in the Boston Common, then Provincetown. Byeeeeeee! xoxoxoxoxoxo


we are all born superstars

Looking at my own house from the tarmac at Porter. It took me <15min to walk there, in heels. Who WALKS to the airport? You bet your ass I felt damn cool strollin’ rollin’ in that door.

Right before I boarded the plane something awesome happened, I got my first ever FULL PATDOWN in PUBLIC! It was done by a hot babe and we were giggling. I told her I was gonna blog about it. I had the hugest smile on my face the whole time. They really pat you down all over if ya know what I mean 😉

Toronto Island is quite pretty, will look even nicer once the trees get all greened up. I really notice a differnece between my old camera (Cannon Elph) and the new camera (Olympus XZ-1) when taking shots from the air. New is MUCH clearer.

Started reading the poetry book sent to me by Vanessa Grillone, My Pen My Voice. I’m thinking I really should re-issue my poetry book. I wrote some pretty aweosme stuff when I was young. Thanks for the book Vanessa.

Everytime I travel I still can’t believe they let me use this passport photo. Red lipstick & a big bow, in my hair. Who the hell am I? haha. I’m Casie Stewart, that’s who.

One of the great(est) things about flying Porter are the snacks & free drinks. They have these great sandwiches on really nice bread w/ brie and of course Steamwhistle.

* tights were sent to me from SECRET.

What up Beantown! Here I come.

Love this massive Nella-Bella bag for travel. It fits all my gadgets & important things – two Olympus cameras, ipad, netbook, toiletries, makeup, a cardigan & all my tech accessories. Man, security had a FIELD DAY with all my gadgets (not). Bag comes in a bunch of colours too.

Here we go, landing time. I’m off to Cape Cod tomorrow for some R&R in Provincetown. Stoked to check out all the little shops, nightlife & the beach.

When I arrived Bob & I went to Tavern on the Water for a bevy & a beer. Was so warm out! After that we went to The Bell (Bob’s fav) and saw Meri & a bunch of the other babes.

This is what I woke up to today. NATURE!

In other news, Charlie Sheen was at Muzik in Toronto last night and from what I hear, Russell Peters was the only one winning. Spiro from It’s All Style to Me got the inside scoop.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!


super nerds & mayors around the world unite! #4sqday

Rememeber Foursquare Day last year? Yes you do.

It was 4/16, I worked at MuchMTV. I printed a big 4sq badge on a tshirt and scooted over to the Loose Moose for the party.

I’d been there a few times so when I checked in, I TOOK THE MAYORSHIP. Everyone cheered as I walked to the table then Molson gave me a bucket of beers. It was an epic winning of mayorship & nerd pride.

* that gun necklace got me hardcore hassled by border patrol at YYZ last summer!

This year’s #4SQDAY meetup in Toronto is at The Firkin @ 461 King Street. For all the info on the Toronto meetup check the FB page. I chatted Karly (@_topshelf), one of the organizers yesterday and there are HEAPS of sponsors, free beer for an hour and BUTTONS like this.

I picked up a few buttons yesterday because I will be attending the 4sq Day meetup in Boston at the Boston Common. Rumours floating the interwebs  Foursquare just may have a special badge for those attending the worldwide festivities.

Really looking forward to relaxing with my friends & escaping the city.  Also stoked to fly with Porter again!


My Sister Jenie is in The Bahamas w Mum!

Bye Toronto!



Da Hanover at Nassau airport – free wifi!

Outside Nassau (AH Gay, I so wish I was there with you!)

OMG boarding – SMALL.

Ready to fly. (Love you so much.)

(OMG Gay, it’s so beautiful!)


(OMG HI MUM! Mum, you look great! You too Gay.)

(Reminded of Grandad)

lots of luv from all of us! xoxoxoxox



#BahamaMama: Please Save Our Oceans From Plastic!

This post was written by my Mum while she was living on their boat in The Bahamas!

Plastic, we all use it everyday but do we really think about where it goes when it lands in our rivers and oceans? To see mans intrusion of plastic clutter, washed up fishing nets and lost shoes on these beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Coast  is very sad.

We explored the Atlantic Ocean beach of Cambridge Cay which is part of The Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park, the first land and sea park in the world.

The park covers 176 square miles beginning at Wax Cay Cut in the North and Stretching southward some 22 miles to Conch Cut and extending out approximately 4 nautical miles on either side of the cays.

It is a no-take zone by both land and sea-nothing living or dead, can be removed from the park.  The park can only be reached by boat. To have the opportunity to visit this park is amazing.

Miss you, love Mum.


Guest post from my Bahama Mama

A few photos to enjoy. Deans Blue Hole opens opens up into a vast 4,000-foot-deep underwater cavern ranking it as the largest yet discovered in the world.  The platform in the middle has two divers on it who practice free diving twice a day. The world record for free diving in the blue hole is held by a guy from New Zealand. Love to all xoxo

Thanks for sharing Mum. It looks SO very beautiful. I wish I was there with you!

How long is your hair now Mum? You look super cute as always. Miss you <3


i love when new zealand is trending

Remember last week I shared with you the Air NZ video with Snoop? Air NZ is at it again with this creative & cute safety vid w/ Richard Simmons. I saw it on Mashable and coincidently there is a Quantas ad for NZ right abovethe video, doh.

Take note of the uniforms at the start of the video. They are designed by Trelise Cooper a top NZ designer. My first frigh ever was w/ Air NZ, I was two. Best airline food I’ve had ever!

Another thing I noticed, video for Air NZ is “FIT TO FLY” and so is JUKARI the workout I did last week. Whoa, SAMES.I wanna go back to NZ so bad.


I Touched The Sky.

I looked at all the things on lifeexperiences.ca and really wanted to do something I’d never done before…so I did!

I went on a helicopter tour of downtown Toronto!

I was nervous for a few minutes but I can’t even imagine chickening out, I live for that nervous excited feeling. Here we go…

So pretty our city, even with a blanket of snow. I reckon doing this in the summer would be just delightful. All the trees, the lake and water looking so nice.

I can see my house! Was so neat to fly over downtown, take it all in from a different perspective.  We got pretty close to the CN Tower too. I was told they often get people planning proposals, especially this time of year.

Lifeexperiences.ca has so heaps of adventures to pick from ex. drive a race car, visit a castle,  massages, spa packages, golf, wine tasting and beer school. You can even book a segway and be like Justin Bieber. (Please tell me if you do that! haha)

I think this kinda thing makes a great gift. All the stuff ranges from under $50 to ultimate experiences like attending Cannes Film Fest worth over $10,000. I gave away a $50 voucher in December. I’m sure you’ve seen the gift cards at Shoppers or Walmart,  and perhaps will pick one up when shopping for your valentine.  😉 *cough, cough*

Hey look up, that’s where I was flying!

Today marks the first day of Social Media Week around the world. I’m up and off to the Ted Rogers School of Management for The Evolving Role of Social Media in Retail.

Have an awesome day!


and just like that… #2010

this video is cool

and so so are you