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Day 57: In Transition

This week, for the first time since the start of Iso, I really fell behind on my daily diary. From 2008-2012 I blogged pretty much every single day. I enjoy the routine of doing things, documenting them, and writing it down. It’s amazing how therapeutic a diary can be. So many times I’ve gone back to a special day, a keyword, a month, an image, to remember the moment. I love to see how things have changed, how the world was, or to reflect on who I was at the time.

I have grown and changed a lot over the 15 years I’ve had this blog. I think I’ll change a lot through COVID-19 too. The current situation is forcing us all to reevaluate what matters, who matters, and how we can be better humans.

We all have the ability to take a birds-eye view of our lives right now. The world is in transition and so are we.

Side note, I learned how to do a hair wrap with a t-shirt thanks to my friend Jak! Grab a large shirt and check out her DIY on Instagram!

Day 56: For The Mamas

Mums, step-moms, grandmas, sisters, pet mums, plant mums, sister and friends who are there for us with mum love, today is for you.

Had a nice chat with my mum and then went to a garden centre. We Facetimed Sean’s mum and had her pick out a big beautiful hanging plant to go at the cottage front door.

In the evening, I did a self-care spa including a foot mask, face mask, and watched Dead to Me in bed while drinking rosé. It was nice! Good show.

Sending special love to my mum who had been a source of strength and inspiration every day of my life. I love you so much! She always has good advice, a creative idea, or the right thing to say when I need it.

You are a legend, Mum!
This has been on Mum’s fridge since I was in high school.
i am so proud of my mum because... | Casie Stewart - This Is My Life
Mum when she sailed to Bahamas with Steve!

Day 55: Let It…Snow?

Would you believe it snowed if I didn’t have a photo to prove it!? Yes, May 9th, 2020, snow. Not just any snow, a full blanket of tiny snowballs coated everything around us.

I had a small birthday party on Zoom last night and it was super fun! I’m quite proud of myself for not staying up too late or drinking too much. Woke up today feeling good but also like I needed rest. I did not run today. Decided to take a day to recharge my batteries. Having a birthday can take a lot out of you, add the anxiety of your birthday in a pandemic and it’s kinda overwhelming. I am truly blessed to have such a great group of friends. Lauren started a thing where each person took a minute to say what they liked most about me and it was so nice. I feel loved and appreciated! THANK YOU FRIENDS!

Sean and I had a productive day of watching ENTIRE SEASONS of both Hollywood (miniseries) and Into the Night. Both shows were good. Very different vibes as Hollywood is sexy, fun, and dramatic while Into The Night is a doomsday thriller. Next up, I’m going to tackle S2 of Dead to Me which I think I can finish in a day. The way this is going we’re going to need summer or more shows! If you have any recos, please share!